Coveguy's Toronto tourny results

it’s cause you suck.

queef. stop giving me trouble

GG’s to everyone…Thanx a lot to Mark for running the tourney and giving me a ride home!

And oh yeah…FUCK YOU ERIC!!!

i didnt even play in the tourny soo i dont know how i was ranked 9th Joker

wut the result is trying to say is that joker is always below the gods, masters, lords, tigers and even a simple big fat lock.

Joker didn’t even play and i’m tied with him. lol.

HAH HAH HAH JS Master tied with Cito. Your a scrub JS.

Cito’s a beast. He beat G3nn first round.

Its not really you’re fault. How about you do this for all games:
Have 1-2 ppl who will take take of the brackets from start to finnish. Don’t give it to ppl who can’t fucking handle it that way. 3s had 3-4 ppl doing the brackets cuz one person would be like “fuck this”, drop it and leave. Same with cvs2. I forgot who, but they dropped the cvs2 backets and the pot on me of all people, then vanished like a fucking fart in the wind. Fuck that. Also, make sure the person knows how to run the fucking brackets in the 1st place. Like I said before, the 3s loser’s bracket was a fucking mess and also hard to read cuz more than 3 ppl had their prints all over it.


play me for money

i know gerjay isn’t one to gloat, but he came in second…in front of g3nn. Funny how g3nn is pretty quiet about it :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s get one thing straight here about the 3S brackets – the reason why they were so fucked up is because only half the people showed up for the tourney and the other half “called in” to say they were running late and to enter them anyway. So then we start the tourney, play through as many matches as we can in an hour or so, only to have two empty machines for a good half hour because the other half of the players still weren’t there.

So what happens? We change the brackets. People want to play, not wait, so we shift people around so that we can run some matches and get the thing moving. I fully admit that that’s not the right way to run a tourney, but neither is signing up half the bracket because they want to sleep in more.

Then (and this is the part I absolutely love), the people who come late see the brackets and bitch about who they have to play, or why they’re not seeded. If you show up two hours late to the tourney, you have absolutely no right to bitch about anything.

In the future, we need to do one of two things:

Either we stand firm on the tourney start time and if you’re not there when the first match rolls, you’re not in the tourney.


We push the start time back to 4:30-5:00 since that’s when everyone seems to make it to Orbit anyway.

The alternative is that we leave it how it is and end up with a broken tourney like we had this weekend. No disrespect to Marc here. He did an awesome job, and the stuff that broke the tournament was totally out of his control.

As far as I know, only burton and I were late and dickson and cliff just came without saying anything. I’m not talking about the winers bracket here. If you saw the brackets at the end of the tourny, you would have agreed with me 100%. But maybe I’m 100% wrong here as well…I don’t know cuz I bet you the 3 other ppl who ran the brackets see it another way as well.

Now about the bitching. Ya I was pissed, not cuz I had to play dickson 2nd (seeding in 3s means nothing here so ive given up on that a long time ago), but I had to face gordon 1st round. Thats fucking stupid man. There were 9 other spots you could have put him in but no, you put him against someone he plays every week. You’re telling me that in the 45 minutes that I was late, all other 9 spots were locked? And whats the reasoning behind all this? “Oh you came late, what do you expect?” Is this some sort of punishment for me posting 2/3 days in advance about me being late from work?
The best part of this was on sat I called ahead to Wing at orbit and told him to tell Random Ray to put gordon in cvs2 and that was it. But then again cliff called right after that and said he was with gordon and I and he wanted to play 3s…which FUCKED EVERYTHING UP.

i didn’t even know gordon played in 3s O_o

Stephen I wasn’t hating on you dude. You’re the only person who had a legit excuse for not being on time (i.e. a job), and you gave notice to Marc way before. I get pissed about the other people who don’t work, at least not on Saturday, (Jeff, Dickson, Chris, Burton, Ben, Cliff, Gordon, etc., etc.) and had no reason for being late. Fuck, I don’t think Chris even showed up – but he tells someone to put him in the brackets cuz he’ll be there and then what? We hold his matches for three hours until we realize he’s never coming? That’s bullshit.

I can’t comment on the brackets (and yeah, I think it’s lame you had to play Gordon), but I had no part in making them. My take is that the same people who show up two hours late for no apparent reason except their own fucking lazyness have no reason to bitch about the brackets. If it’s acceptable for them to be lazy and show up late, it’s acceptable for the people running the tourney to be lazy and not give a fuck about where they put people in the bracket.

i set up the initial brackets
i didn’t even know gordon and cliff were coming until i saw them AFTER they played their match O_o

i would’ve slot gordon against jeff and cliff against eric :stuck_out_tongue:

yup the bracket was rigged
i had to play g3nn, brown guy, jeff, adam, and adam again
which means 4 kens i had to go thru!

Yeah, they were rigged… in your favour!

One thing I don’t get is, how is there only one person in last place? After losing in first round, wouldn’t there have to be more than one person who lost their next match in loser’s bracket, thereby placing last?

Thats 3 kens dumbass.