Cover/Venue Fees


Check this out. I run ranbats for SOVA. When I first started, I charged a $2 entry fee. A few weeks later, some of the guys suggested that I should charge a cover/venue fee since we’re using my apartment all the time. So I did. The ranbats were still only $2, but $1 went to me for a cover and the other $1 went to a winner take all pot. Every ranbat season, we usually hold 3 to 4 ranbats. At the end of the season, we hold an end of season tourney. The price is like that of a major tourney, $10, but instead of it being winner take all, it’s split pot 70/20/10 like a regular tourney. I also up the cover as well for this one tourney that happens like once every 2 to 4 months depending on how long it took us to finish our season. No complaints about that in season 1. Well, we’re now at the end of season 3, and it’s time for our end of season tourney. So I made the announcement, and now, there is an objection.

Go to this link. It’s to page 142.

Check out post 3532 and then go to the next page and check out post 3573. After you read those 2 posts, answer this question. Do you think it is wrong to charge a venue/cover fee just because a tournament is held in an apartment vice another establishment?


This is GD, we don’t play fighting games here.


Anything is reasonable as long as you let people know up front before the event actually starts. Whether people show up or not, that will be the true answer as to whether or not people think it’s reasonable. I didn’t read any of the posts, so that is my take on it before reading anything.


You can do whatever you want since it’s your property. They can easily just not show up if they don’t want to pay a venue fee. I’m sure everytime you host you gotta clean up after people :xeye:. So, it shouldn’t seem unreasonable. People are just stingy, and want to leech sometimes.


*Fighting games? What the hell are they? *

Seriously speaking, I understand cover/venue fees. I don’t see an objection against them in the least. Not sure why this is necessary or relevant whatsoever though. Most people on SRK that go to tournaments know that there’s going to be a venue/cover fee.


I’d agree with 3573, if you’re entering rather than just administrating the tournament I wouldn’t charge a venue fee. If you are just running it though I see no reason why not, especially if you’re providing food/drinks/etc.


What’s a Prince?

Anyway, I agree with Gamegeezer. I think it’s fair to charge cover because of the lengths you go to inorder to host it. Especially if there are store bought stuff and take-out involved and it is coming out of your pocket. After everyone leaves, you gotta do the clean-up and how many people are *actually *going to stick around to suffice that need? Not very many. That’s really to the host if he or she should charge cover.


That should have been “price”. lol.


fuck apartment venue fees.
what if everyone charged money to friends for hanging out with them at their place?
I understand the money could go to cleaning supplies or whatever. But 5 dollars seems too damn greedy.


IMO $5 dollars is a bit steep for an apartment ranbat. Like say if it was at a rented place then I can see it being 5 or even 10.

When we did ranbats at Buktooths, fee was 3 dollars at the door because so many people were coming. Thats electricty, cleaning supplies all invovled with the fee.

I can only see $5 venue fee if the place was rented. $3 dollars top for home tourneys if there are more than 16 heads.


Greedy in what way? How often do you host games at your place and how many people are there when you do host? How many stations do you have set up when you host? Do your friends drink your drinks in your fridge? Are all of those things free to you or do you have to pay for them? Answer those questions and then see if $5 is being greedy. Also, for those times we have just casuals, there is no charge at all. This is only for ranbats and other tournies that I hold at my apartment. People are quick to come when everything is “free,” but the minute you mention money, there are all sorts of objections.

Let’s consider the defintion of the word rent. “A payment made for the use of a facility, equipment, or service provided by another.” When we are using another facility, we are “using” that facility.

When people come to my apartment for the ranbats and other tournies, what are they doing? They are “using” my facility. Why does it matter if it is at another establishment or someone’s apartment. I honestly see no difference as far as use goes because you’re doing the same thing at both.

The same things that they would have access to at another place they also have the same in my apartment. They have access to restroom facilities, water, and I’m planning on providing food at this upcoming tournament as well, something that a lot of people who hold tournies don’t even do. All of that has to be paid for, and I don’t plan for it to be all out of my own pockets if I’m going to use my place to host so many people. Also, we run anywhere from 4 to 6 stations in my apartment and we run them for hours. The most I’ve ever hosted in my apartment was 46 people. That’s a lot of people. $5 is nothing compared to the venue fees I’ve seen at some places.

That’s what’s wrong with people today. They think they can get everything for FREE.


It looks like you already knew what answer you wanted and were just looking for other people to affirm it…

Next topic will probably be “Does my bum look big in this?”:rofl:


Then why dont use actually rent out a place or have a LAN place host the tourney and have people bring their own food?

Renting a venue would actually justify a cover charge in the first place. Also you have the luxury of not worrying about your apartment getting trashed. Its a very big annoyance of having to pick up after people and making sure nothing is broken or stolen. Not to mention the restroom.

And usually the host doesnt have as much fun as everyone else in my expericance because your usually running around make sure everything is smooth and comfortable.

Im just speaking from expericance because I used to run ranbats for the DFW area in my apartment and at another house.

I see your point though people cant get shit for free and yeah $5 dollars seems justifable if your providing food and have that many stations. But if I had the option I would hold monthlys at a rented venue instead my place.


Well one thing I wanted was to get some objective responses with reasons for going one way or the other. So far everyone in here I don’t know so it doesn’t get more objective than that.


yes people are objective when they do not know the real facts.

black, you the man and me and everyone else is very thankful of what you have done and hopefully will still do.

but lets get some facts stright.

  1. no food is supplied, so get that out of the equation.

  2. in season 1, right before this someone, someone out of town at that broke homeboys futon. we were told the venue was to help replace the futon. all of us agreed this should get done. so yes we all agreed to the 5 dollar venue. but was this done? NO! no even attempt was obviously made for this. I checked value city and haynes, a new frame just like yours goes for about 110 dollars.

  3. homeboy did bring up the 1 dollar venue fee to cover power etc, nobody has had any issue with that at all what so ever. keep a dollar venue nobody would of bitched.

  4. everyone brings shit to the table we help supply systems etc. even jay who doesn’t even participate in the tournament or ranbats.

  5. he said he discussed this with people and sticks to his opinion, but not a single person who actually shows up every week and is actually part of OUR scene.

so black no offense but you left very important parts out the equation then asked random people to help you decide…

that is all.

and you never said that either… maybe you should of…


homeboy is just trying to get the monies, no shame in yo game son.


I used to regularly host back when I lived in the states. The way I see it, if you view having people over to your place as being such a hassle you want money for it, you probably shouldn’t host.

The only money I ever made hosting was $1 on a 4-5am drunken Ryu vs Ryu money match, lol.

Just my 2 cents.


Well to correct you on a few things, season 1, the venue fee for the Finale was only $3, not $5. This time I’m providing food. And no I didn’t mention that in my post. I was just going to do it. Maybe it would have helped to mention it. Maybe it wouldn’t have helped. Some people will be against it regardless. And you know, if everyone really wanted to know, it’s not like anyone could have talked to me directly which no one did. Everyone just continued to post their opinions on the forum not bothering to hear it from the horse’s mouth.

For this Finale, I posted that I would waive the venue fee for those because the same people always contribute. I guess people glanced over that one.

Also, no one knows who exactly I spoke to because I did not mention. I spoke to some people who do attend, who have attended in the past, who are not even part of the community but of other communities, and people who do not even play video games at all. I’ve saved many of my conversations with these people as well.


Yo black seriously, if you wanna charge your boys to game with you then your a fuckin idiot, i mean shit i could understand if you were good, but you aint, so you chargin me foomy and ryry money to play eachother when we could do it for free elsewhere? what sense does that make boss? Aftf hosts games and food over his crib often, and has he ever charged venue? NO!!!

And when i used ta host games at my old crib, and i bought food for everyone damn near every time? did i ever ask yall for a dime? NO!! no venue no stress, just have fun and enjoy, and dont make a mess. Its seriously outrageous that you askin people to pay when they would never do the same to you black, you need to check yaself.


I bet the guy getting upset about you taking a cover charge for all your hard work and consistentency has no problem with the winner taking home money for just showing up, playing video games, and having fun at your place. Because he “earned” it right.

If you show up and are good at SF, you deserve to take home money. If you let people come to your house once a week and hold a tournament for them and ask for money to give you a reason to stay consistent, you are a greedy.

Is it bad that winner take home money? Of course not. That is what the tournament is for. But don’t rag on someone who puts in work for you to make things possible just because he needs to start seeing something more come from their efforts.