I got the Pfizer as well.


Here we go again. . .

I’m also having similar feelings to local businesses doing this:

I get it, they need to stay in business; and if used properly with a single household or trusted parties they can be a useful reprieve for the public in this pandemic; but I can’t help but wonder how these will factor into the history books when they’re written. All I’m seeing is tiny gas chambers for this airborne virus if you get a group of people with one bad apple in the bunch.

Given these are popping up in awful Northern climates, I wonder if there’s any ventilation on them to allow fresh air circulation?

The tiny greenhouse market will probably snatch up these units after the pandemic. :rofl:

Good news this week elderly mother and foster brother scheduled for vaccines. Two less people I need to be so intensely concerned about.

Post vaccination update since yesterday. I didn’t get any real “soreness” at the injection site until I was heading for bed (around 12AM). It felt like delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) except it lingers. I woke up around 5AM because reasons. Stayed up for about an hour and then went back to sleep until 10AM. Around 1:30PM I got abnormally tired, so I took a sleep for about four hours. After that, I’ve felt pretty much normal. The pain in my shoulder has since subsided.


Imagine if the US went hard on covid-19 last year…


If the US did its role last year, I am sure not just the US but the World would be at a better place with the Pandemic than they are now.


Mark Hamill y’all…


Had to go to the grocery store and run errands today. Wore my double (triple?) mask setup with a standard surgical/cough mask with my reusable double layered cloth mask with PM2.5 filter. Did this for about two hours without taking the mask off. Overall it was stuffier to breathe in, but I didn’t really notice if my mind was preoccupied. Didn’t bother me enough to not continue, so moving forward I’ll do this setup when I need to run errands for a while. If I’m just picking up food from a restaurant I’ll just stick with my single, reusable cloth mask setup with filter.

I just have a double layered mask I use for work. Has done me more then just fine.

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I do wish America would have done better, but we’re knee deep in the shit now; so no time to fret over what could have been. It only makes migrating to another country that handled this mess better more appealing. If only I had some appreciable skill to offer them as a migrant worker. :sob:

Good news from Dr. Griffin:

Dr. Campbell breaks down some recent news on reinfection and South African variants:

Associated Press going in.

COVID conspiracy shows vast reach of Chinese disinformation

Anatomy of a conspiracy: With COVID, China took leading role

Both articles very much worth reading for an overview of how neary every country America is at odds with amplified misinformation. While our leadership cultivated it’s own brand of stupid. Just another lesson a thinking nation would take out of this mess, in addition to establishing a universal health care system, and working to reduce the poor health of the populace.

WHO’s Wuhan probe found signs of much wider Covid-19 outbreak in 2019: Report

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Still catching up on today’s developments, but here’s a beacon of hope for the underdogs.

Why West Virginia’s Vaccine Rollout Puts New York and California to Shame

Breaking down the available data on people concerned over post vaccine deaths.

Another co-worker is hit, and hospitalized. Demoralizing as he’s in the Covid-19 ward, isolated, and afraid. :sweat:


First - good news.

COVID-19 Cases Are Dropping Fast. Why?

Now, another update from yesterday on the impact of the virus on disabled persons.

Disabled people

24 January to 20 November 2020

At greater risk of death


Not disabled x 1

Disabled x 1.9

More disabled x 3.1


Not disabled x 1

Disabled x 2

More disabled x 3.5

Learning disability, risk of death

Age adjusted risk, x 3.5

Start planning to get outside folks. Yes, you’re going to want to keep masks handy and physically distance; but this long hard winter will be ending and getting some fresh air and sunshine is on the menu.

If I had the smarts, I’d develop an iOS/Android app to facilitate sales at restaurants and bars so patrons can place orders and pay for them outdoors to limit confinement to enclosed areas. Hopefully somebody with a bigger brain is already on the case.

We’re gonna make it damn it.

Gotta make sure we’re smart about going out. I remember getting some tea near a KBBQ place and a group of like 10 friends all met up at the KBBQ place to eat outside. Eating outside with 6 different households for two hours while you all sit at the same table isn’t exactly being safe.

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This is true, but until we have more evidence of the severity of viral spread outdoors - using our observational skills outdoors with distancing is going to allow for particle dispersion at a greater rate than being indoors with who knows what quality of HVAC system is in operation. If any, most small businesses only recycle air when doors are opened and closed.

I am listening to as many medical professionals, scientists, and virologists as I can, and not our failed Fourth Estate. This is not a “fake news” dismissal; rather observing how the media continues to either follow partisan marching orders, or gin up partisan nonsense regarding the virus.

Again - I will reiterate, make plans to go outdoors safely, and only if you feel safe and trust the person, or persons you will be socializing with. There may be no more paranoid person than myself, my balls are non-stop busted and people think I’m overdoing it. Every trip out of the house is filled with anxiety, and if I return with items, they are then sanitized or quarantined for 14 days (if not perishable items) in a clean room I have set up in my basement, and I strip down in the hall to limit potential fomite carrying and bathe before going about my day. It’s quite time consuming.

Do. Not. Wanna. Get. Sick.

I absolutely would not go near a group of strangers. This is why I’m reluctant to venture anywhere indoors presently, and when at work I post up in an isolated location. There are also activities I would limit, or not partake in when going outdoors. Eating and drinking may be on that list. Sadly I have friends who prior to a pandemic would spray with their stupid wet mouths, I’m sure as hell not having any of that uncouth nonsense during a pandemic.

However, meeting up while maintaining physical distance in a park surrounded by nature and fresh air may be a safe activity. It certainly could not be any worse than people piled on top of one another and screaming en masse, generating volumes of aerosols and droplets as we witnessed last year.

You can observe the case numbers from May 26, 2020 through June 9, 2020 here. While there’s not a massive jump, it appears despite those mass outdoor gatherings cases did not spike as anticipated.

I’m not saying be careless or reckless. Hold out for April. That was the estimated downward trajectory predicted late last year. Then make plans accordingly based on the evidence we have. This is coming from independent research, but so far it has steered me right and was further validated when the Woodward recordings revealed data that was intentionally obfuscated, or withheld from the citizenry.

America has passed half a million deaths now - 505,235.

Be smart.

Be safe.

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Update drive-by for 02/19/2021!

Transmission of virus outdoors discussed, and projections for infections through March 2021.

Sorry to post so much Dr. Campbell, he’s the most concise of sources I go to; and I understand that even 20-40 minutes can be a lot of time for people.

Israeli studies find Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine reduces transmission

Coronavirus: Infection down 75% after first Pfizer shot

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I applaud the effort and chuckled at their get up.


I love kbbq but fuck no hanging outside the bubble

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