Bruce prichard being stupid voice Well ya see if ya are sick with the covid your body makes antibodies. Now when you take a piss some of them little buggers escape. These people were just putting the antibodies back in to help fight the covid.
Doot doot doot

Roll tide


Lynn Parramore: Pandemic and Deaths of Despair

Ugh - I should have left the house earlier today. Cold weather, pandemic, and possible depression fXcked me; but I managed to go out in search of the Ottogi brown rice syrup for this spicy tofu I’m trying to make. Grocery store was packed, and people. . . fail.

Guy on the way out stops to socialize with the security guard - IN THE DOORWAY. Even if it’s your friend, please be mindful of patrons.

Some other guy apparently leading a tour through the store blocking aisles, not distancing, and non-stop prattling (read: generating aerosol).

I accept, this was partially my fault for not getting out of the house earlier; but honestly folks - we’re a year into this mess. We all have got to adjust our behavior for a limited time until we get through this.

Needless to say, this was running through my head the entire time…

:grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:

Fortunately I left the emergency crow bar in the car, so musou attack was unavailable. :rofl:

Fortunately on the last stop, a Hail Mary attempt - I found a literal oasis. A relatively empty Korean specialty grocer that had the final ingredient to get cooking! I would have gone there first, but it was the last spot and a gamble as I’ve never been in that spot, and only vaguely recall, possibly, maybe seeing a small shop behind that restaurant.

Tried double masking with mildly more convenient over the ear masks instead of my heavy duty strap masks. Kind of a disaster. Those wire nose bridge blue disposable masks feel really unsafe compared to the heavy duty three layer cloth masks that cover face and fasten behind head. It was the disposable wire mask, and a spandex mask over that.

Now I need to go lay down and let this stress burn off.

Good to know…


Wonder if that holds true for the flu or the common cold even.

I don’t know. Worn glasses all my life, and still had plenty of bad habits (clearing eye boogies, needing to push glasses back up). I think the biggest game changer was having blood work done and the doctor correcting my vitamin D levels.

Since then, I have not knocks on wood had the sort of seasonal sicknesses that could be very unpleasant. One year the seasonal cold would not shake off, went to the doctor and seasonal cold had Pokévolved into a damned sinus infection.

Purely anecdotal, but when you haven’t had a really gross damn cold in a while…

For Covid-19 I started using those eyeglass straps to keep my glasses in place and remove the need to have my hands anywhere near my face. Yeah, I’m looking like a peak old fart with that, but if it keeps me plague free I’ll gladly retire it with my masks when this passes.

I also wonder if eyeglasses help to some small degree acting as tiny shields for the mucous membranes around the eyes in a world of aerosols and particles?

Update on single shot vaccine studies in the UK and Israel:

Turns out introverts took a hit during this mess. File under confirmation bias, but figured it was worth picking at that scab after formulating my bleakest of suicide schemes this past weekend. :ghost: Losing a year that you had planned to use for progress and being forced to isolate, and only interact with bad actors while punching a clock out of a need to survive. . . Not fun.

Introverts faring worse than extraverts emotionally and psychologically amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Second shot got rescheduled again…due to the limited supply and “The Day After Tomorrow!!” real life re-enactment in Texas last week…

I was supposed to take it earlier today, but got a text message yesterday with a TBD notice.

Me an introvert…

I definitely thought that lockdown would effect extraverts more.

Yep. Also especially true for pink eye.


I don’t think I’ve had pink eye since elementary school. I have a new baby now. That means I’m going to get pink eye again, doesn’t it? :expressionless:



The good news is that the drops they prescribe are enough for you to get through multiple outbreaks of pink eye.


Good job California. :persevere:

May as well make with more news of catastrophic failures. Makes you wonder, why people bother to elect leaders who cannot read the room, and at the very least surround themselves with specialists they will listen to and take action to protect their people?

This is why I am solidly of the opinion politicians will NEVER apologize, and NEVER accept blame for their actions or inaction. Mealy mouthed bastards.

British government road map detailed in today’s update. This is what I want to hear from our leaders.

Fuck there goes my japan trip again

Didn’t they have to lie about the numbers or Trump and his admin were going to cut off talks about administering aid. That’s on top of the Trump and his cronies also wanting nice things said about them or they wouldn’t provide aid either. Which they never did anyways. Thanks GQP.

My grandmother got her first shot of the Moderna vaccine today. Progress!


Good update that discusses virtues of spacing out vaccine dosage to maximize availability of first shots to reduce overall viral spread potential.

Clinical update from Dr. Griffin.

And just general unfortunate news for mankind. . .

Well, good personal news is one of my aged family members received the first dose of the ModeRNA vaccine yesterday, and there was a brief respite from the brutal climate curb stomping we’ve received over the past two weeks here with temperatures nearing 60 degrees outside. This allowed me to open all windows and circulate much needed fresh air in the house and enjoy a stroll outdoors and time in nature.

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This is good news…


That’s awesome news.

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