Cow tipping at evo2k4?

Sheesh everyone requesting all these garbage games and now i see texas hold em ;\ lets have everything at evo!

cow tipping at evo2k4

helll ya! =P

cow tipping alright!!! i’m so there dude… ::YEHAAAA!!!:: oh i know lets have facials at EVO who’s with me?

cherry pie karaoke contest!

Nah dood

me/you/deuce/justus would take it for free dont be stupid


How about some real life fighting? :smiley:

AHH DUDE!!! Man I fuckin wish!!! I wanted to record some shit like that and insert like announcer voices from like marvel or CvS2 like when someone gets hit real bad and everyone goes like “OOOH” after that i’d insert like “That’s we like to call big damage” :lol: . I’m down for real fighting. I’d probably lose though :frowning: . Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

rush 2049 for evo2k4

Final Fantasy X for evo!

hahahaha…i fucken fight ruin…if not then just have word finds at evo,fucken top tier shit right there

That would be hot if they had boxing at EVO. It would be fun being able to fuck up these fat little round kids that beat you in other games.

Fucking genius! :lol:

I’m from TN

We’re top tier in cow tippin’

So I’d own that FOR FREE

I know where you can find cows five minutes from Cal Poly. >.>;

circle jacking. ive been practicing.

<— joeyh

i didnt know i was logged in as martins name.

lol cal poly has its own farm programs… and so does Mt. SAC… which is right next to CALPOLY… and they have sheep 2… any lonely/girlfriendless and what a sheep for ‘fun’? i can whore them out for 5 bucks a pop

they werent requesting texas hold em to be a tournament at evo. it was a thread or players to get together and set something up so we can play DURING evo. dont give your information a perm, and get your facts straight :slight_smile:

DAM…if there having cow tipping,then why not some sumo wrestling;)