Coward Crouch: Useless or Useful?

I main blanka and love his style. He’s a perfect counter for all the shoto abusers. Anyways, I am trying to add the coward crouch to my moves list but have yet to find a situation where it’s actually useful because of the slow recovery. Can it cancel into electricity or blanka ball or anything? Any advice on the subject would be appreciated. :pray:

I like to hit cowards crouch to lure jump ins or dash ins… Then I cancel into electricity (yes you can do that).

You can cancel into surprise forwards/backwards from cowards crouch, but I haven’t found a useful application for that yet.

It’s a great move when you have a lead vs a fireballer and want them to come in on you

It goes under the hitbox of every FA in the game, for whatever that’s worth.

It is useful of course…just always cancel it into his other moves if the opponent is close…only thing it can’t cancel into are his super & ultra…

Like I’ve mentioned before…great on Bison’s head stomp…or Gen’s straight dive kick…

Want to know what’s it’s useful for? Use the crouch for a Ryu or Ken SCRUB who is fireball crazy. Get their energy any bit lower than yours and coward crouch then QUICKLY get up after each fireball when you are on the other side of the screen and they will HAVE to come to you it they want a k.o. or before time runs out. If Guile tries to follow a slow sonic boom, for example, you can slide underneath if they follow it or just coward if they do not follow. This is a PERFECT technique to use against a projectile spammer…of course you can slide underneath it if you are close as well.

 Coward crouch is many times better for me when I don't want to absorb a projectile with a FA or try to jump over it. Remember too that you can forward or reverse hop when in the actual crouch using all the kick buttons, making for a good combo like this: Coward Crouch-> Reverse hop-> Blanka Ultra , Super, or just a horizontal Blanka ball. You can pull off his Ultra, Super, or ball instantly in reverse just like a hop forward ultra (which by the way is killer for a cross up hop combo).

not that useful in general.

just used it against a ryu who tried to ultra chip me to death. I ducked and rolled ftw. it felt so nice =)

I use it alot against honda. It avoids his headbutt and his flying butt smash move. Even his ultra.

you can fear down under bisons head stop and he will land right next to you, then you can hit electricity on him. you can also feardown then ex blanka ball to hit fireball spamers, you can also feardown and ex up ball to bait a jump in. oh and if you want to get out of fear down fast you can use the hop to get you out of it. ive used feardown to do hop ultra a few times.

Cool stuff you can avoid with Coward Crouch:

all FAs
all non-low/sweep pokes
many Ultras/Supers (i.e. Sagat, Honda, Ryu, etc.)
Chun-li’s cr. RH
Sagat’s tiger knee
Dhalsim’s fierce (standing and jumping)

Coward crouch will pull you out of some close calls if you know how to use it. Like any move/strategy, don’t expect to lean on it if you want to last. You can get out of it by simply moving the stick and you can pop out of it with all kinds of moves.

Coward crouch into electricity strings can make you look so sexy.

Here is my average experience with coward crouch.

I go to use it to duck under ultras and fucking hit all 3 kicks instead of all 3 punches. Then I eat a full ultra to the face and lose the match.

i mainly use it against fireball spamers … crouch -> forward hop -> river under the next fireball works nearly always.

Wow, ok so it’s not useless after all. Thanks for all the info boys and girls! Can’t wait to try out those suggestions when I get home :slight_smile: Ah, the joy of forum trolling while at work!

IT’s a beautiful thing when you have Ultra meter filled, you cowrd crouch making it look like you whiffed ultra, then Ryu hits his ultra and you cancel into ex rolling attack. :lovin:

i think this move was pretty useless, Someone who knows how to play SF4 can easily recognize and sweep you. Unless you truly know when to use it then thats chill. Also capcom got that move from Namcos SC4 Lizard Man, right?

I use this move very sparingly from about half-screen, i think of it as a bait/counter stance. He just looks so pathetic that opponent’s cant help but to try and get in for an attack. If you’re using it though, it’s been a good idea to never ever ever let the animation end on its own. Always cancel it into a move or dash, but along with a lot of blanka’s moves, it depends a lot on reaction time. If they dash forward, electricity or up ball if you’ve got the 2 seconds. If they throw a fireball, i usually dash back and FA the fireball. still looking for something offensive to do if an opponent is dancing, though. I’m thinking maybe lk up ball (just to be weird) or dash back to river run. Not sure though.

how do you people recover from the crouch? I release ‘down’

I never thought to use this on wakeup to maybe stuff an Xup attempt and then turn on elec.

gonna see how it plays out in training tonight, not sure if the wakeup crouch is viable.

You can recover from the crouch by just releasing down, or better yet, coward under a projectile then hop Forward out of the crouch.

I think I tried that before and just got hit. I dont think it works.