Coward Crouch: Useless or Useful?

might be worth a shot on deep crossups, if you know your jump ranges.

It’s not really useful since it’s slow in recovery time and doesn’t really help much. But it works great when a shoto, such as ryu, does a random ultra to take chip. :tup:

I actually some how canceled Coward into Super

I accidently Coward then the guy come near and my super came out i was like O_O

Huh? Did you read the other posts? It’s only slow to recover if you just sit there and don’t do anything. You can cancel it into ball, elec, hop, etc. You can also recover early by returning the stick to neutral.

nice nice good things to know here…i usually would only use cowards crouch on Balrogs to bait em into electricity

pretty sure this doesn’t work. you can only cancel into regular special moves. supers and ultras do not work.

As said, good fer ultras, baiting in spamming projectile scrubs, and FAs…

One that works so good is vs Chunli on her wake up. They will generally go for ex birds, just coward crouch xx elec.

Coward crouch goes under her too…

What’s the real trick to cancelling it? I can’t always reliably get it to come out, do you activate the move as blanka is getting back up?

i this its better to use elec to cancel the crouch(allowing me to use it on reaction)

I’m talking about the forward roll, should have been more clear

Dude, that move annoys the hell out of me anytime I’m facing any competent Blanka … It’s one of the more useful tools he has.

I think this is pretty much the deal.
Coward Crouch
Good for: stick players.
Bad for: Clumsy-handed pad players, chaddt.
I seriously hate playing on a pad with my goofy oversized hands because I end up coward crouching instead of ultra, so that’s why I now use my right hand palm on the stick (only time i use the analog on ps3) and just left index 3xpunch :smiley: how whack is that.

The coward crouch is good pratice for players that over use the river, (guilty) i started using it more to avoid FA and it has helped my game so much

great move!!! omg, personally, i love doing coward crouch when a projectile is comin near nd canceling it with an EX ball to go through the ball for an attack. doesnt work all the time but it does catch them off guard. low chance of being punished. at least from my experience.

after you do it you do electricty…for you can go over ultras…

Thanks for the tips guys. I had never tried canceling it into anything other than hop before reading this thread. I’m finding that against a lot of fireballers, when all the way across the screen, I can crouch randomly, pause briefly then launch into EX ball. A lot of people are throwing a fireball when I crouch in the hopes that it will catch me on the way up, only to be completely surprised when the EX ball comes at them just after releasing. Awesome. :slight_smile: The cancel into vertical roll is proving very useful as well. I am now using the crouch a lot to bait people instead of just for avoiding attacks. I’m surprised how often they fall for it, even some of the better players.

Good to lure mid attacks then immediately up ball/electricity to cause a knock down.

Got a couple questions that I hope you guys can answer quickly.

So it avoids Chun’s sbk. If it’s a little ways away from other characters, can it avoid other stuff? Can it avoid Ryu’s dp or anyone else’s at a range where you’d be forced to block/get hit if you weren’t cowarding? How about Boxer headbutt or ex dash?

Also when you cancel it into block, does it go directly from coward into block with no recovery time in between?

I was actually compiling a list of everything coward crouch avoids but never finished it. From my testing it basically avoids anything that does not have a very low hitbox. One weird “exception” is Chun-Li’s cr. RH, not sure why it avoids that. If I remember right it avoids all uppercuts except for Sagat’s, that one starts really low. All of Boxer’s dashes except the low one can be coward crouched I believe.

One interesting thing is it seems to avoid all character’s focus attacks.

There unfortunately is recovery time when exiting the crouch in to block, it’s not really “cancelling” it into block.