CPS-1 turns 20 this month.....Happy Anniversary?

20 years ago, Capcom debuted their first dedicated arcade board, the CPS-1 along with some “Forgotten Worlds” on the side. Being the second of the legendary late '80’s/early '90’s trio of arcade boards utilizing the same hardware combination of 68000, Z80 and a Yamaha sound chip (Sega’s System 16, Capcom’s CPS-1 and SNK’s Neo-Geo), it was the home of many classics…but of course it was the hardware behind the game that revitalized and re-created the dead-in-the-water fighting game industry (come one, were you really keeping yourself occupied with Taito’s “Violence Fight” or SNK’s “Street Smart” beforehand?), and dare I say the reason why this site exists today: Street Fighter II.

Despite their efforts to branch out to other hardware (CPS3, ZN1 & ZN-2), CPS-1 (and its similar successor CPS-2) were Capcom’s main coin-op money makers and they held on tight to it for a decade strong until they couldn’t squeeze anything out of it anymore.

So, any thoughts on what joy and sorrow (vanilla SSF2!) the CPS-1 (and to a lesser extent, CPS-2) brought to you over the years???

Happy birthday to one of the best Arcade machines ever with Neo Geo, CPS2 and NAOMI.

Final Fight

I was child back then I would just see the middle school guys taking it at it, beating the final boss, a weelchair man with a girl on his knees cool!!! and after that all the arcade crowded watching the final ending.

those were the days

Indeed. :tup:

Yup. Along with “Streets of Rage 2”, the “gold standard” in 2D beat-em-'ups IMO.

Trivia: The first three games for CPS-1 were; “Forgotten Worlds” (July 1988), “Ghouls 'N Ghosts” (December 1988) and “Strider” (March 1989).

Cadillacs and dinosaurs.

Even though I’ll always consider the NES version the superior game, I do have a soft spot in my heart for the arcade Strider. That run down the snowy slope with the bombs going off behind in the second stage was unforgettable, and the gravity-defying stage was unlike anything I’d ever seen at the time.

Wasn’t Bionic Commando also CPS1? That’s another NES title that beat out its arcade big brother. Capcom’s home console programmers were serious pimps.

Nope, the coin-op “Bionic Commando” was on pre-CPS1 hardware.