CPS-2 Color Patch's

Hi… Well me and others have been into Color Hacks for CPS-2 ROMs… You Can check out the site for updates of our Color Patch’s on the Forums.

Link: - http://romalter.freeweb7.com/cps2smf/index.php

Here are some of my works… :sweat:






Niiiice. :slight_smile:

Now if I could get a few cheap Phoenix’ed boards and socket the roms that are patchable… :wink:

While you’re patching…anyone looked into getting the Japanese MSHvSF character select to appear in the US release? That way Norimaru is selectable in english without having to use a cheat code?

yeah we have this thread in Zbattle/Online forums

some of my edits

V-ryu and X-ken

Alpha 2 Guy palette for Alpha 3 A-ism Guy

Yellow V-rose and V-Dan

Why not just get the MSHvSF (Jap) ROM… With Norimaru already selectable without any cheat code. I’m just doing colors right now… I’ll look into other stuff later…

That’s easy to answer…wanted to keep it in english. :slight_smile:

Oh… I see… I’ll look into it. :confused:

I’m having problems when i patch it, after i patch it the rom woun’t run and i tried deleating the rom and downloading it again and it wount run anymore, can i get some help? i’m new to this…

How exactly are you trying to Patch it?

You did take out the file/files out of the ROM Folder right!?

Lets say you need File’s mvs.06a & mvs.07b to patch. so you take those out of the Zipped Folder and Patch only what the Patch tells you to patch. Then put them back in the ROM zipped folder and start the game and it should work.

You probably patch the whole Folder right? As in doing so… Will result in an error… that way.

yeah i did it that way, let me try it and see what happen, thanks for the help :tup:

Sorry but nothing, i tried and same thing comes up, it tells me all files are missing, after i downloaded a new rom and trhrow away the old one, patch it and still nothing and i patch it like you said, extract that file and put it back but nothing works

EDIT: I make it work but somehow i messed up my mame but i just downloaded a new one and it work great, thanks for the help and by the way great work!!! :tup: Keep up the good work and comming (no homo).