CPS-2 De-Suicide Service


Not looking to get rich off of other peoples’ work, just looking to offer a service to the community.

$40 to resurrect a suicided board, assuming you are sending it with the battery replaced, it is not failed for any other reason, and original game code in place. You pay shipping both ways.

If battery replacement is needed in addition to de-suiciding - add $15. I provide the battery.

If your board has been phoenix’ed/decrypted (running without a battery, not running original code), and you wish to return it to battery/original code operation, let’s have a conversation and come to an agreement about who is providing the roms with original code and who is providing the battery.

PM me with all inquiries.

The credit for the ability to be able to offer this service goes to the Arcade Hacker team.

Video of successful de-suiciding: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otYsE-ixPYc

:edit: Added a video below, detailing the best options for shipping your CPS-2 board economically, as well as best practices for packing it up for shipment.


Free bump for an awesome guy and who knows his stuff!


I’m still waiting on my led touchpad to start restoring some of my boards.

It’s is taking forever to get here.


How long have you been waiting? I ordered mine on a Sunday, and received it the following week.


I ordered it on 10/31


Just finished “de-phoenixing” a SSF2X board:

One correction to the video commentary and text information - if the CPS2 suicide test program boots, then the game is suicided. If the game has not suicided, the game will not start and the test program will not start.



pm sent


Suggestions for shipping, from within the US, along with best practices for packaging your CPS-2 board for shipment:


If shipping within the United States, the best options are either a USPS medium flat rate box or USPS large flat rate box. This video gives further details and recommendations for properly packaging and shipping your game board.

Medium Flat Rate Box - $13.45 - 13-5/8" x 11-7/8" x 3-3/8"
Large Flat Rate Box - $18.75 - 23-11/16" x 11-3/4" x 3"


Another board de-phoenix’ed and returned to native suicide battery operation. This time, Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha.