Cps-2 jamma cabby

looking for a good tutorial on how to hook a cps-2 motherboard to jamma cabby. the ones i have seen are not to great and just curious if you guys got one maybe you used or know of that worked out for you.

thanks :wgrin:

Not much to it, the A board has the jamma edge connector on it that you plug your jamma harness into. You will also need to connect your kick harness for each players kick buttons. I had to flip the video output going from CPS1 to CPS2 boards in my cabinet, you can do that from the game setup menus.

CPS2 is a jamma standard.

albert is right. just connect and play. hope you have cps-2 kick harnes though.

actually no i dont have motherboard or harness and ive never conneced a cps, didnt realize it was so simple. thanks fellas