CPS-3 and CPS-2 questions

Hey there guys. A lot of you here are experts when it comes to arcade machines so hopefully you can answer my questions for the CPS-3 and the CPS-2.

  1. For the CPS-3:

Right now running in my third strike cabinet I have version 2 of third strike (990608) which has no unblockables. In a box in my room I have another arcade/CPS-3 third strike CD. I want to change the CD in my cabinet and put the one I have in my room inside my CPS-3 so I can see if I get the unblockable version (990512). What I’m worried about however is that the CPS-3 is a delicate machine. I have already have one CPS-3 third strike die on me. I’m worried that if I try to change CDs that I might kill my board. So my questions are:

If I swap CD’s on my CPS-3 third strike board is there a chance that I might kill it? If so what is the likelihood of that happening? Would you do it?

  1. For the CPS-2:

I also have a cabinet with a phoenixed Street Fighter Alpha 2 inside. My problem is that I cannot do the codes to pick Evil Ryu and Old Zangief/Dhalsim. In other words the codes don’t work. I tried to do the codes in every region (USA, Japan, Asia, Europe, Hispanic, and even Oceania) and nothing works. It sucks to have an arcade version of Street Fighter Alpha 2 but not being able to pick Evil Ryu or Old Zangief/Dhalsim.

My question is:

How can I be able to play my Evil Ryu and Old Zangief/Dhalsim on my phoenixed version of Alpha 2? How do I make these codes work?

Thanks. You guys are very helpful.

  1. Your cps-3 is already broken because you even thought about it.
  2. After reading this I tried picking Evil Ryu, SF2 outfit Chun, etc. in MAME and I couldn’t get the codes to work either.

Sorry, I’m not helpful. Someone answer this man!

is it possible the phoenixed board originally uses the japanese rom information? if so, that would be why you cant pick those characters since that version does not have them. but im no expert on phoenixed boards, so i could be wrong.

as for changing cd’s and reloading the game into memory. its about as dangerous as simply turning on the board each and every time. its not necessarily the board thats fragile, its the dongle cart that is

Yes you’re right my phoenixed Street Fighter Alpha 2 is actually a Green Zero 2 board. They don’t like secret characters in Japan or something? Can I at least pick the secret stages or is that not in the game too?

As for my CPS-3, you think I should try and change the CD? Should I risk it?

Zero 2 didn’t have Evil Ryu and a bunch of the secret characters. This is why Japan got Zero 2 Alpha.

As far as breaking anything with CPS-3, yous hould be able to swap CDs and reinitialize your CPS-3 no problem if you can find a version A CD. CPS-3 depends on the cart and the cart alone.

ni8: it has nothing to do with japan not liking em. it has to do with the characters being created after it was already released in japan(capcom usa, iirc, made the characters.)

You should be able to swap CPS-III cd’s without problem. The cart contains the decryption kit and key powered by a Battery to store the information, if the battery goes your games won’t work. Nothing to do with changing CD’s though.

Capcom of America made Evil Ryu and Old Zangief/Dhalsim? Interesting.

On a side note can you pick Cammy in the arcade version of Alpha 2 Gold?

As for my CPS-3 wish me luck because I’m gonna do it.

I’m pretty certain Cammy was only in the console ports. (Saturn/PSX)

the version you want is zero 2 alpha. there is 2 version for alpha 2. check it

Help! Help! Help!

Well I tried it and my Third Strike is not working. It’s not re-writing. The CPS-3 Boot Up/Menu Screen is still on. The screen is not black or dead like it was when my last Third Strike died. When I changed the disc it says it cannot re-write so I put the original disc back in and it won’t rewrite that.

It keeps saying:

ERROR: Unable to rewrite. Please try again. If problem persists please contact Capcom or your distributor.

                                                     ERROR: 23

Well I tried, I gambled, and so far I lost. I think it has to clear the old data inside the cart and then rewrite it but it has a problem doing it. I keep turning it off and turning it on. Only one time did it start to boot. It showed the minutes counting down but then it stopped and said ERROR. Now it doesn’t even show the minutes counting down it just keeps saying ERROR.

The CD’s are clear and there are no scratches on them. So anyone know what to do?

Damn, well I didn’t expect that to happen - in theory there should be no problem reflashing the simms from a new cd…

If it’s having trouble flashing from boths cd’s and both the cd’s look good I suggest getting hold of another SCSI CD-ROM (can be bought on ebay, but see if you can borrow one - any should do so long as it is SCSI interface) to see if that has more success reading the CD’s…

Likely the CD-ROM unit you have may have developed a fault ‘after’ the original flashing of the board.

Maybe try cleaning the contact on the security cart too… (Isopropyl Alcohol, q-tip)

Good luck.

edit: Check all the contacts on the board are good too (cables etc.) At least you don’t have a black or scrambled screen so you should be able to fix this once the cause is known (I’m guessing the drive)

I did have a black flashing screen but I took out the cartridge (yikes) and adjusted it and it worked back on the boot-up/menu screen.

I change the CD-ROM unit from my extra CPS-3 unit and still it won’t load. I got up to 10% before it said ERROR.

There is an ERROR 23 and an ERROR 13.

I wonder what the different errors are?

Can you buy the CD ROM unit for the CPS-3 at Fry’s?

i lol’d at this. it makes me sad that CPS3 claimed another victim, though. :frowning:
i feel you, man. ;_;

as stated; check all your connections with the whole set-up and try again. If that does not work then you can also check to make sure that all of the SIMM are properly seated on the motherboard, even reseating them may not be a bad idea. Just keep track of which goes where.

Well I expected the worse when I did this. I already had one die on me before. At least I know that the suicide is not dead (yet).

All this just to know if I could have unblockables.

I think the problem is that it just can’t load the game to 100%. I get the menu screen but it can’t seem to load up.

Well at least I know where to restore the cart when it dies. It’s just now I’ll get a non hadoken audio from Ryu when he throws his fireball.

So what are the chances that the suicide battery will die when I turn off my machine?

And how do you know if it really dies? I did have a gray screen with vertical lines, a black screen, a blue screen but when I adjusted my cartridge it came back to the CPS-3 menu/boot-up screen.

How would I know for sure when it dies?

Well, what are the numbrs on your CDs? Look for one on the bottom that starts with “CAP-” (unless the art I have is japanese version, and they put it somewhere else for the US).

List both numbers, please. This could be some valuable research to see if we can tell which CDs are the original, buggier release.

The death of the battery is inevitable at some point but if you’re asking if what you’ve done is likely to increase the chance of it dying ‘now’ - the answer is no, however if you remove the cart while it is running it will likely suicide, even touching the connector with your fingers (static) can cause it to suicide.

BTW, It’s not a good idea to be manipulating the cartridge while the system is on! You can tell when it’s properly dead because the screen will just be a scrambled mess of blue purple colours - like the picture isn’t tuned in.

If you tried another CD-ROM and it didn’t work - well that doesn’t sound too good. The CPS-3 should work with any standard SCSI CD-ROM drive so if you can get a hold of one to make sure it eliminates that possibility…

Make sure the SCSI cable is securely connected at both ends and that it isn’t damaged, again - I would clean the security cart connector just to make sure it isn’t that with a dodgy connection and finally like TigerCraneFist pointed out - reseating the SIMM’s might be a good idea & blow any excess dust off - if any (Make sure the power is off!)

If all that fails it could be that one or more of your SIMM modules are buggered - you’d have to get some more, I saw some on fleabay recently but I’m not sure how often they pop up…

Third Strike Version 2 (no unblockables) 990608

on CD is CAP-33S000

I don’t remember the numbers for version 1 (unblockables) but when you boot it up it should read above the title 990512

I have a collection of boards myself including all the games on CPS 3. I would NEVER risk something that I questions. Also, I would NEVER ask that sort of question on SRK. Best place would be BYOAC. It’s the site dedicated to arcade machines. Hell dude, stop having a heart attack and get a computer from a garage sale and put the rom on there. You’ll save yourself a whole lot of heartache and you wont go bald from ripping your hair out.

-Tha Hindu