CPS-3 messed up colors (pics inside)

hey everyone,

I just got this SFIII: New Generation board earlier today. Whenever I fire it up I get this: (pics are direct feed, from supergun to capture device using S-video cable)


i’m using one of D-lites older component superguns with an S-video cable going into my 20" Sansui television to play. (only used capture device to get pics)

my guess is it’s the video encoder, but on the neo-geo forums I was told that is probably the input levels, and that I would have to “add some 500k pots or some inline resistors on the RGB lines.” (even though I really don’t know what that means.)

just asking here too, what do you think the problem is?

bump. :confused: anyone got something to say?

Do you have any other JAMMA boards to try it out with?

Only a MV-1F, and that works perfectly. I’m prettty dang sure it’s an encoder problem. I’ll just have to send it somewhere to be fixed when I get back home.

My guess would be that the board is boned, but hey, I trust the guys over at NG.com so…

Atleast your security cart’s not dead. :slight_smile: