CPS III Suicide Battery Replacement Thread

I want to create a thread that has as much info as possible about doing the CPS III suicide battery swap. I am going to be doing mine within the next couple months, and would like people to have a place to go for all info they would need to get the swap taken care of. I want to keep as many 3s boards alive as possible! :woot: I am having trouble finding a good amount of info, and would like everyone to add some input to make this a resource for questions/info regarding doing the swap. I have found a few really old guides. Nearly all of them are broken links. I used way back machine to see a few of them. One lead to nothing, and the other was in French. :crybaby:) Everything else seems to just be random posts from years ago. The most available battery to do the swap seems to be the 3.6v in the link I posted below. I’m also looking for people that still offer battery replacement and security cart modding services. I know that “meanbean” on neogeoforums.com doesn’t do it any more. I’ve seen posts on SRK that “TigerCraneFist” on here did them for awhile (he hasn’t logged in since March of '09). Do you guys have any leads on people that currently offer these services? Also, I’d love to find a guide to modding your security cart to have a snap in battery. I am going to list a few random things I have found . . . most of which suck. As info comes in, I will keep editing the first page to keep everything clean. Let’s try to keep this on topic too. I want this to be a resource to our community. If you have any negative comments or want to troll on me for whatever reason (my lack of info/knowledge on the topic, you hate my mom, etc. :wow:) feel free to PM me that garbage. Sorry for the disclaimer, but I see way too many threads that are so informational and beneficial turn in to trash. I am new to this, but I have done quite a bit of searching (which ironically found a bunch of the same questions I want answers to now that were posted by me 4 years ago. LOL). Here are a few random things I have found below (I know it’s basically nothing, but this is a work in progress :P). I have more to post/sift through, but I have to leave for work. I will look around a bit more soon, and will update any info you guys find by editing my first post. Once all info has been confirmed, we can get some pics up. I will make my own tutorial after I do my swap as well. Thanks for your input and supporting our community!

“CPS 3 Replacement Battery Guide”:


Guide showing how to use a helper battery to do the swap:


The battery:

Arcade PCB Mods & Parts - CPS 2 - 3 Parts & Service - CPS-2/3 Battery Replacement - JAMMABOARDS.COM - JAMMA Coin-Op Arcade Game Parts - CPS-2/3 Battery Replacement

Guy freaking out about replacing his snap-in battery :stuck_out_tongue: (You gotta love how he is so damn worried about just snapping a battery in. I’d love to see this guy solder the battery in while the board is live. He’d probably just have a heart attack. LOL)


I received my gamebits today, and both the 3.8 and 4.5 mm DO NOT work to open the security cart. :crybaby: The larger one fits on the head, but is too loose to turn it loose. The head on the screw is in perfect shape. The bits look fine to me, so I’m not sure what the deal is. I have a friend who said he opened his security cart with a gamebit, but he wasn’t sure what size it was (and unfortuantely cannot find any of his tools). I’m confused at what to do here. I might have to try the “bic trick”: mmmonkey DIY Gamebit Screwdriver

It might be the same bit that opens the cps2 boards. If you go to jammaboards.com they have a cps2/cps3 kit that gives you the bit and the battery.

Now for replacing the battery there are two ways of doing it. You can solder a helper battery to the cartridge and remove the old battery and replace it with the new. Problem with this is that for whatever reason the battery loses juice the cart will die. The other way which is a bit harder but yields the best results is doing it with the system on. Remove the cartridge case boot the game up and while the game is running remove the battery and replace it with the new one. Make sure you have the board running on an apc or battery backup power supply. God forbid you have an outage the cart will die.

If you go to neo-geo.com there’s a thread just for replacing he battery. Good luck.

Nope, CPS2 uses “tamper proof” torx while CPS3 uses a proprietary bit. I believe I managed to open one of my cartridges using the 4.5 mm gamebit, though as already mentioned it is not a perfect fit and will be tough with a tightly wound screw.

My latest battery swap was performed by Capcom Japan after my 3S had suicided :crybaby:

Woah that sucks man who did you use as a middle man fujita?

I own an astro now and I just bought another to play st the right way. So with owning cabs I’ve begun to get adopt the purist attitude when it comes to games. I own two st boards and plan on expanding my collection of games. I’m just so afraid of this cps3 battery issue that I’m afraid to take the initiative to buy 300 to 400 dollar board and use it for a few hours than bam the thing doesn’t work. So I’m thinking of just ordering one of those scart to. Jamma boards from a user on the shmups forum perform two padhacks and call it a day for 3s…

If you don’t mind me asking . . . what did it run you? I understand it is possible to the Japanese copies resurrected, but I figured it would be hard to set up and quite expensive (hopefully this is an issue I won’t have to worry about . . . ). Also, thanks for the confirmation on the gamebit. I thought I was going crazy.

Definitely gonna pick up a battery backup power supply before I do it. What thread on neo-geo.com are you talking about? Do you have a link? I saw one on the neo-geo forums, but it was really old and didn’t have much for info or pics.

Weird Neo-geo.com isn’t giving me a specific address to the thread. Go to tech support and click on the second page, halfway down the page you’ll find a thread called cps-3 battery change guide. The thread was started by razoola. From what I just saw all the pictures work perfectly.

The dude from the YouTube link has replaced CPS2 batteries before. So yeah, he can easily solder.

I replaced the battery on my 3S kit (No CD version, though that doesn’t make a difference iirc) about a year ago as suggested from a friend of mine who gave me the kit (along with a few extras such as a Dai-Fukkatsu Ver. 1.5 board and a well-maintained Blast City – digression!). The CPS3 guide (one from Razoola) that you posted was the very same one I used.

If you’re afraid that your soldering skills aren’t up to the task, try practicing? Quite honestly, it’s not difficult. And if you follow the guide, you should come out with a board that’ll last you for a while.

As for services, I don’t know any :frowning:

Good luck!

I did the battery swap while it was live, and everything went flawlessly . . . or so I thought. When I turn it on, I only see a green screen. I’ve seen pics of screen once a CPS3 game has died, but it is not scrambled at all like that. Everything went without a hitch, but I fear it has died. I made sure everything was done right. I had a UPS connected. I was ultra careful. I made sure everything was perfectly set up. I made sure everything was connected correctly and replugged it all in just in case. Well if anyone has some input, let me know.

No idea, man. I never encountered any green screen before or after my battery replacement.

My advice would be to go to forum or site that specializes in arcades (i.e. sega-naomi.com for people who own NAOMI boards). I can’t help you in this department, as I don’t know any off the top of my head.

Another would be re-trace your steps – maybe you’ll have that, “Oh crap” moment when you realize that you forgot to do something? I don’t know :frowning:

Anyways, good luck…

That’s too bad dude. Much like Tetsuosan i am so hesitant to purchasing anything CPS3 because of this battery issue. I still need to help out a friend who purchased a 3s cab off craigslist.

It only will display a green or black screen. I’ve checked EVERYTHING. I’m contacting a guy right now about getting it resurrected in Japan in case it is dead (which at this point I believe is the sad truth).

So is there any way to get Capcom Japan to resurrect a Japanese suicided 3s that had a battery swap done by someone other than them? I contacted a guy in Japan and he told me that he could get it resurrected by Capcom for me ONLY if it was a Japanese version and had never had a battery change done by anyone other than Capcom. Also, the only thing that displays now is a solid black screen. I wish I knew for sure if it suicided or not. I can’t really find anything else wrong at all, but I still do not see the tell tale scrambled screen. I’m assuming every suicided 3s doesn’t display the same screen, but who knows. I wish there was somebody out there that had some input. I just wish there was a way to confirm if it suicided or not.

Mine had the battery swapped by a third party prior to Capcom. I’ve also heard about them fixing a cart that had the keystone battery holder mod and so clearly had been tampered with. Might depend on the mood of the technician who receives the case?

I’d say it is dead, mine acted the exact same way.

I sent my cart out to Fujita last Friday.

is there some one in the us who can professionally recharge /battery swap a working cartridge only version of thirdstrike?

what is the progress on your cps3 ts board?

I second this, does anyone know of anybody who can take care of it?

Neweravideogames, who is an ebay seller, revives dead 3s carts into the asian version. Excellentcom and RS2006.co.jp also revive 3s carts as well.