CPS III Third Strike problems!

Yesterday I moved my third strike arcade cabinet and when I turned it back on it didn’t work. All I got was a flickering gray screen. I tried adjusting the monitor knobs. I tried taking the cartridge out and putting it back it. Nothing worked. I was working on it the whole night and I only got three hours of sleep before I had to go to work. All I did was move the cabinet from one place to another and now it doesn’t work. Anyone out there got any ideas? I need to play my third strike cabinet please help! Thank you.


Read…then cry for hours.

I.e. Suicide Battery.

It’s not the battery, it’s because of a short circuit, the data on eprom in the cartridge has been erased. There is no fix for this, might as well go buy another cartridge or 3s board.

This is soo wrong. So you just moved your cab…those cps 3 boards really are flaky. We desperatly need this encryption to be broken, I wish I knew how to do it. Grrr… >:(

Yes it is the cartridge. I also have the japanese version in a japanese cabinet and I switch cartridges on each of the the motherboards and when I put the bad cartridge (US cartridge) on the motherboard it didn’t work. I know the cartridge determines if its a japanese version or a US version because the CD in both versions are the same. I need the US version bad. I went a long way just to get the US version and now its broken. Anyway thanks for all your guy’s help. I have two questions that need to be answered please:

  1. How do you get the cartridge fixed?

  2. Is the suicide battery in the cartridge or are they two seperate things?

Thanks this helps a bunch.

1 - US carts can not be fixed
2 - the battery is inside the cart

Ok where can I buy the US 3rd Strike cart. The first version with unblockables. Please tell me where. Thank you.

You can’t, and finding the cart alone is going to be very hard.

And this is where I say, before anyone else buys a cps board, make sure you have the technical knowledge to change a battery, or find someone who does. This is the third copy of third strike that has died in the past couple weeks and its killing me. I can change batterys, if anyone else needs a battery changed, Ill be happy to do it, $25 + shipping. Or I can send ppl links for doing it themselves. BUT PLEASE DONT BUY A CPS UNLESS YOU PLAN ON CHANGING THE BATTERY IMMEDIATLEY!

I agree 100% here. I was thinking about offering a battery changing service myself, but am too busy with school ATM. I would still like to write a better CPS3 FAQ however, because there seems to be a need for one.

yea I totally agree - either that or be prepared to shell out bare cash when the batery does die

CPS3 is a real bitch, I can do CPS2 no problem cos you can do it with power off, but my one and only attempt at CPS3 battery swap resulted in it going tits up. the game froze midway through battery swap even tho I have read that doesnt really matter and if you finish the job it should still be okay, mine sadly wasn’t :frowning:

I only sarted the swap because I too had read of approx 6 kits that had died in a 4 week period before mine died about 3 week back

funny thing is I have owned CPS2 boards with batterys that have been approx 8 year old and they have worked fine yet some CPS3 stuff has died in less than 5 - X Files shit I tell ya

anyways - enough sadness, enjoy XMas and worry bout this shit later - Merry XMas peoples

/raises glass of Jack D and Cherry Coke to y’all :slight_smile:

Merry christmas MM.

cant ya tell I’ve had a few allready :wgrin:

indeed. Emulation would save 3S from complete extinction. Its only a matter of time until every US cart just dies.

I think US 3S will be okay. Now, RED EARTH…THAT is rare. I know someone on NEO-GEO has RED EARTH and had his battery changed by a CAPCOM employee.

valgar, i know you’re not thinking of getting into red earth. isn’t 3S and VS enough? btw, i popped in VS on my saturn. gah. that shit is different. like, “why play this when 3S is right here” diferent.

Sigh, if they didn’t have these wack suicide batteries, I would’ve sooooooooooooooo went with CPS3 and CPS2 setups. =(

I had a simular problem with a cps 3 tht went bad…take it to your local arrcade jamma distibutor have there tech department try to fix it…of coarse they wnt be able to…so they will send it to CAPCOM… the fix should only cost ya no more than 120.00 bucks

Hah, no I’m not going to get WARZARD, but I have always wanted to try it out. I don’t even know if it is 2P? We’ll have to play VS, I think it is good stuff. Also, there are guard reversals so you can’t just do safe block strings all day. I want to get into SLASH once it is released though.