CPS logo request

Hello people of SRK. I’ve been looking for logos for a project I’m working on. Just wondering if anyone could provide me with the CPS I, II, and III logos. I’ve looked but I’m not able to find them. Pixel based images are fine too as I’ll just vectorize them in illustrator. Thanks.

Edit: So I found the CPS3 logo here. :slight_smile:

New question, does anyone know of a way to access these logos via emulation? It looks like that’s where that one was retrieved from.

Edit: So I managed to find all of them through old board instruction manuals and flyers after a lot of searching. I even found logos for Capcom cabinet models (Q-Grandam 25, STATUS, and Impress). I’ll vectorize them and post them in this forum when I’m done just in case anyone wants them for whatever reason. Sorry for the useless thread. :\

Not useless, I’m doing a Naomi cab reproduction with a Capcom theme. So, I’d love any Capcom vectors. Thanks!