CPS2 Cabinet Setup Photos Needed

Does anyone have any photos showing how a CPS2 board is oriented/mounted within an arcade cabinet? Preferably the way it would have been when brand new from Capcom. I’ve been able to find plenty of photos of the board itself online, but nothing showing quite how it’s mounted inside the cabinet.

For a project for my electronic illustration class, in case you’re curious. :bgrin:

I’m not 100% sure there is a “correct” way to mount this board. I’ve seen 3 different CPS2 games in their arcade form, and it typically depends on at least 2 things:

  1. Who owned the Cabinet previously
  2. Which type of Cabinet are you talking about?

In the case of Dynamo cabs, I can snap some pics of mine when I get home on Friday. I have XvSF in a standard size cab, the board sits on a piece of wood right behind the control panel, so everything is relatively accessed easily from the front. An SFA3 I looked at was almost identical in design.

At work, we have an MvC in a larger dynamo, not sure what to call this style really, but the board is mounted on the side in the bottom back area of the cabinet. Its actually quite annoying, because CPS2 boards don’t always make the best contact between A+B, and having one mounted on the side doesn’t seem to work as well.

Hope some of this info helps, I can snap some pics for you this weekend, just let me know.

I’ve got a SSF2 Dynamo cab (the one with the big light-up marquee on top). There is a “plank” or shelf of wood that starts behind the control panel and descends diagonally down towards the power supply (which is in the rear right-hand corner of the bottom if the cabinet, if looking at it from the front of the cabinet). The game board, from the factory, mounted in the middle of that piece of wood, which expands the width of the cabinet. The i/o end of the game board sits towards the control panel, with sound amp and power transformer to the left of it (if looking in from the back of the cabinet).

If you think pictures would help, I’ll take them, however, my game board is not mounted there as at some point a metal security cage was installed right where the game board should be, and it’s a pain in the ass to get games in and out of it. So, I just kinda have it propped up in the bottom of the cab, with a jamma extender running from cabinet connector to game board.

Yo I’d like some picts just because I love looking at SF cabs. It was always a dream of mine to own one. =( never came true though.


even through a PM would be nice so as not to go off topic

I don’t even have my CPS2 cart mounted in my cab. I built in a wood shelf that my MAME PC and Super Turbo board rest on.

The CPS2 cart does come with 4 little metal mounting feet so that you can bolt it to the inside of the cab or a plank in the cab.

if you are speaking of candy cabs, its placed vertically as with any other pcb

i am currently waiting on ssf2x pcb atm =p

After doing a bit of searching, the Dynamo cabinet does indeed seem to be the type I’m working from (didn’t know what it was called :P). The info maxx mana and NoAffinity provided was excellent, it should be enough for me to work from without photos. Thanks a bunch!

BTW, here’s a preview of the work in progress. The project involves creating a cutaway/cross-section illustration that shows the inside of something, and I though it would be fun to do with an arcade cabinet.