CPS2, CPS3, Neogeo Rom Hacks

Hello all, does anyone out there have patches for any of the types of roms listed above? There used to be a Japanese guy named yumeji1768 who did rom hacking for these. His site used to be geocities.jp/yumeji1768/ but unfortunately it no longer exists. You would just apply the patch to the rom and run it in FBA to make them work. He did things such as add all the secret chars to be playable on a US romset of MvSF. That includes Apocalypse and Cyber Akuma. He also added Gill and Shin Akuma to the select screen of 3s in another patch. If anyone has his latest patch pack I would be most obliged.

-Tha Hindu

hello "tha hindu"
idk much about FBA BUT…i prefer you use mame 32 ++ something something. i frgt waht it was but it has cheats and everything so you can play with apocalypse and what not. im sorry i dont have the patch hacks but thats the closest thing i can think of. if you want the links (take me a few hours to find), go ahead and pm me. good luck

Reason I wanted the patches was because I was going to be flashing them to the ICs of a CPS2 board. I had done a bunch of color edits for titles in the versus series some years back and decided to patch a dead board with them as I phoenix them. Just to have something unique and to make a project that would keep me busy for some time.

-Tha Hindu

Ancient bump for a reason. Mikado just had a tournament with XMCOTA and MSH and I believe they used these rom hacks.

(not a place to DL roms, just says what the hacks do)
The places they went to select the bosses corresponds with these layouts, so I’m assuming this is what was used.

@Hellfromabove , did you ever successfully apply patches to your roms and get them playable?

re-bump. Actually just today I was looking for these same hacks for a similar reason. Also, 4 player vs series hacks (a la old school Kaillera games)

would be awesome to get those hacks on some boards, also 4 player version offline for shits and giggles.

PM me, I think I found something.

Also if anybody can find the patch for sf2 ww where the bosses are selectable.

I know this thread is old, but got these to work with FBA. The CPS3 Emu was buggy and lagged at times.




Why are you bumping a 4 year old thread for Rom hacks?

Why? WIP of making and to show some of my own.