CPS2 emulator compatable with 360 controller on pc?

Hey I have been trying to find a CPS2 controller that is compatible with an xbox 360 controller. I cant seem to get mame to work properly at even loading a cps2 game.

Im trying to run marvel vs capcom. I was using Kawaks which did recognize a few buttons. I did not recognize the joystick though.

Any one have any ideas?

MAME works fine with CPs2 games and a 360 controller. Make sure you are using the correct roms for your version of MAME.

Ive tried mame and mame32. I cant seem to get the roms to recognize

Use joy2key or xpadder if you’re having a lot of trouble. Make sure there isn’t some option for joystick input left unchecked (this is for MAME).

Okay, make sure you don’t check your rom version against your MAME version like I mentioned ealier. I’m pretty sure the universe would explode if you followed simple directions. :confused:

Are you using the Kawaks roms in MAME?

Well the rom loads in Kawaks. The place where I got it from said its a mame rom. Was in the mame section

Lol internet sarcasm. How do I check the rom version against the mame?

What MAME version do you have? Get MAME++ it has a good GUI.


Xpadder is good, easy to set up and works like a champ.

Xpadder works great. Only thing is that the triggers to not register as buttons. I go to the triggers section of the app and it allows me to add them. Only thing is that the buttons then become extremley senistive (tap on the board makes them go off)

Any way to get around this?

did you goto options and tick the gamepad box

I did not. Think that will solve the problem? Ill give it a shot in a few minutes