CPS2 Game List?

I’m sure that this has been covered before, but I guess I’m just too technologically-challenged.

Is there a complete list of CPS2 games that anyone can link me to? Just picked up a SSFII cabinet and I want to grab some other boards before I grow tired of this one!

And while I’m at it, would anyone like to recommend me some games? I’m obviously into fighting games, but I’d like to have a game or two that I can enjoy with my 5 y/o.

Thanks in advance.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CPS-2#List_of_games :lol:

Wow. I feel dumb.

Any game recommendations?

I’d have to recommend Super Puzzle Fighter, probably my favorite puzzle game ever. Also if you like shooters, Progear and Gigawing were great. Of course, no CPS2 collection would ever be complete without at least one of the versus series games.

Hey, thanks for the response. I’m definitely going to pick up Gigawing if I can ever find it. SFA3 is imperative as well. Haven’t ever played Progear so I guess I’ll check that one out!