CPS2 Games on LCDs/ LCD monitors used by SF4 Vewlix Cabinets

At a recent tournament I was talking to Voltech about the constructing cabinets similar to Kray’s Vewlix creation and stand alone arcade stand setups minus the monitor. Since this would be primarily made for to support older CPS1/2 games such as ST, we realized that using LCD monitors could be an issue. AFAIK, most lcds tend to have some input delay compared to a CRT. Obviously CRTs would be ideal, but for transportation reasons (weight), they’re not as practical going forward.

I haven’t been able to find much information regarding the LCDs used on the Vewlix cabinets. I was curious if anyone had purchased one of these cabinets and attempted to play their old CPS1 or CPS2 arcade boards on them. More specifically, I wanted to know if you experienced any input delay (from the LCD) as opposed to playing the older games on a standard CRT monitor/TV. I know that some of them: (Vewlix DIA) support VGA resolution with DVI input and 15 pin D-sub.

At the moment, I currently have a supergun using the JROK encoder to play my CPS2 Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo board via a CRT. I also tried using this VGA encoder: (Video Converters - CGA/EGA/YUV to VGA Arcade HD-Converter PCB (GBS-8220) - JAMMABOARDS.COM - JAMMA Coin-Op Arcade Game Parts - CGA/EGA/YUV to VGA Arcade Converter PCB (GBS-8220)) with an Asus VH236H LCD monitor and experienced some slight input delay compared to the CRT route. Could this delay be removed by an adequate rgb vga upscaler such as this upscaler: (15Khz RGB CGA to VGA RGBHV Converter Scaler)? I know the XRGB-2 has been highly praised, but it’s been unavailable for years.

Any information/help would be greatly appreciated.


Wouldn’t it be faster, easier, cheaper & lighter to just buy Astro Cabs? I got Kray Vewlix & i probably spent almost $1300 on it…It will also depend on what LCD you have, the Kray clone is custom to 32" LCD & most has slight lag, the only one that doesn’t have one are from Panasonic X1 & S1 models but those are all pretty much sold out.

You’re better off ordering a bunch of Astro Cabs.

Actually, when discussing the pseudo Vewlix cabinet with Voltech, it would be even smaller/lighter than the original Vewlix.

Another reason for finding an LCD solution would be for those who have superguns (which can handle multiple controller options easier). It’s 100x easier to transport a supergun & lcd monitor for a tournament as opposed to having to coordinate moving Astro cabs.

When comes to a vewlix type cab but on a smaller scale my favorite has always been Ericleroi’s work on his Vewlix slim:

I’ve taken many inspirations from it for my own projects.

Well, I really want to run tests to see how fast the converter is. Was hoping to maybe do that last Thursday…

I thought you wanted an arcade cabinet that can house an LCD screen? Or are you just looking for an LCD that works good w/ superguns?

If you are constructing a smaller cab, its still going to be pretty damn heavy cuz its wood after all…

As for lagless LCD screens, you have to remember that LCD are all pretty much widescreen…I think playing arcade CPS game would look a bit odd widescreen…

I work with 2 22" LCDs that I connect with my supergun. Aside from a dark picture, I’ve never had issues with this setup. I don’t have any technical test data or anything, but it doesn’t feel any different than playing on my Astro City and I’ve never heard any lag complaints from others either. We use this setup locally for ST tournaments and anything else CPS1/2.

Like Dark Gaiden says, it travels fairly easily and that by itself is a great reason to go this route. Widescreen isn’t an issue for me since I can turn on 4:3 mode for the composite input that is used for the supergun. It’s not the exact arcade resolution (I forget what that wacky number is), but you won’t get that anyways with any display other than an actual CRT arcade monitor. It’s good enough and doesn’t look too stupid, I would think. Plus I can get an easy head-to-head setup too. Very much worth it IMO.

If your sg outputs component you can always use a component to vga upscaler. It eliminates lag since your transcoding the image to vga, and vga inputs on lcd monitors have no post processing on them.

Another option would be to get the actual jamma vewlix kit. Its hella expensive though, somewheres around 500 big ones.