CPS2 question


i got a SSFIIX A+B board, but am having trouble with the kick harness issue.

i looked through all of the cps2 related threads, and what i’ve gathered is that i cannot wire up three more (or six more) buttons to the jamma connector itself (like you would do with neo geo, etc).

i’m using a japanese sigma AV7000 supergun with 9000TB sticks (six-button sticks), and wired up with my jamma connector was a small white connector that i believed to be a cps2 kick harness. but now that i actually have the cps2 boards it’s way too small to be that (maybe kick harness for something else, like naomi or something?).

so if i buy a cps2 kick harness, i’m gonna have to wire it up to the three kick buttons on each arcade stick directly (?). i imagine this isn’t gonna be too hard as i could just drill a small hole in the back of each stick to feed the fires through, and with some cable-ties i could get it looking tidy; and when i’m not using the cps2 boards, pop the connector inside the arcade stick :slight_smile:

but i’m also a bit confused on the wiring itself. as the six buttons inside all look to be daisy-chain grounded, will i be able to just clip a wire from the harness to each button without needing to ground them again? (if this question is a bit obtuse i can upload some pics to make it clearer)

i’dd also like to swap over the battery and fan. i’ve found this website for the battery:


but can you recommend a suitable fan replacement, and also where to find the necessary screwdriver :confused: i have a haxagonal star shapped one, but doesn’t have a circular whole in the middle of the bit :sad:

anyways, all advice and input is much appreciated :lovin: