CPS2 SSF2 New Challengers W/original art

Hey all,

I managed to get my hands on this not too long ago.
The board itself works perfectly. Cosmetically the case is ok, pretty clean and not too banged up - but the sticker has undergone some…tearing (see the picture.) Dunno who did that, some frustrated arcade owner.

Aside from this it’s all good - the bonus is really the art. It’s a full New Challengers set featuring character cards, move strips and user manual. This is all in mint condition, like new, and completely original. Probably worth a pretty penny on its own as you don’t often see the art set for SF2.

This is for the top board only, and will run fine on any Jamma compatible cab/supergun.

PM with offers - would prefer to ship in the UK, but overseas are welcome if they’re happy about shipping costs.


(Lurked here a bit but have tons of feedback at shmups.com!)







You have to post a price my man!