CPS3 3S?


Hey guys I don’t have an xbox or any console to play 3s on so I bought the CPS3 version of 3s but is this version ok? I think it’s the USA or Euro one as the supers are in english, is this version ok to practice on?



When you boot it up, there should be a number that starts with “990”.
990512 is Revision A of 3rd Strike. 990608 is Revision B. Revision B fixed some bugs, but most importantly removed unblockables for a few characters, such as Urien; it also apparently nerfed Hugo’s damage, for some reason.
Since unblockables are important for Urien (and other characters, such as Oro), 990512 is the standard in the 3S community, and is therefore the best version for practice. To be honest, any 3S is good 3S, so you shouldn’t worry too much about revisions (especially if you’re not going to play Urien). Plus you can play it on the original hardware, so you don’t have to worry about speed differences.


Arcade is garbage, play ggpo but make sure you run Windows 8 and have an LCD monitor or it won’t run correctly.

The advantage of ggpo is it has online, which means you can play people without even being in the same room as them!


thanks for the reply both of you!

@TiredOcean‌ I have version 990512 so thats good just the euro version does it matter?

@Marble I thought you can’t play on GGPO anymore? And I don’t have Windows8 only 7. I use arcade to practice my combos luckily I live in central london and some of my friends are really good 3s players. I wish there was some kind of cheat like on MAME for infinite health and super but for CPS3.



Hey guys just one more question is practicing on the ps2 anniversary edition alright? Usually I play arcade version or 3sOE if I go to a friends?


Some practice is better than none

I know people who attend tourneys who practice games like Blazblue on a PSP, they travel alot.
They get at the said tourney, even though they played a different version of the game on a completely different controller they still know the ins and outs of the game


Just make sure you don’t have the version where Yang’s super art 1 (Raishin Mahakken) is renamed ‘Magnetic Storm,’ as this game-breaking glitch renders the game completely unplayable at a competitive level.


@Tonyyy In case you’re not aware, Marble is trolling. To answer your question, you can still play Third Strike on GGPO, since the community essentially rebelled after 3S:OE release (and the subsequent removal of the 3S lobby in the GGPO client). They took over the Karnov’s Revenge room, using an exploit, and then were finally given their own room again, called “Street Fighter Tres”.

GGPO tends to be looked down upon this community, though, since due to imperfect emulation it runs faster than the arcade version, meaning that combo timings are noticeably different. There’s also input lag issues, which are the worst on Windows 8, and with LCD monitors. Preferably you should have a CRT, with Windows XP, or Vista/7 with Aero effects turned off (Control panel -> Personalisation -> Windows Basic/Classic). Again, any practice is better than none at all, but there are some people on this forum that are militant when it comes to lag and timing issues.

IIRC the PS2 version was what the Online Edition port was based on, but Iron Galaxy did make improvements to get it closer to arcade. Play OE instead.


ideal is OE for training mode, FBA-RR for investigating stuff (like being able to see what the charge partition or parry bars look like in real time, or if you need input display for something), and arcade if you have dedicated local players and a CPS3 board available.

if you want to play locally and don’t have CPS3 available, OE offline and ShmupMAME should both be pretty okay I think.

online is there if you want it. if you decide to play online I think OE 360 or GGPO are both okay choices. for both of those, there’s ~10-15 players who know what they’re doing and then there’s some other guys. I don’t know much about the PS3 playerbase so I won’t offer an opinion on them. if nothing else I can vouch for a few players who play there.

I don’t think you should touch PS2 (or Dreamcast, in case you ever wondered) unless you don’t have access to better versions of the game. it’s better than nothing but OE or ShmupMAME are definitely better I think.

hope this helps. some of this is just “IMO” and the rest is probably pretty obvious, almost goes without saying.


@TiredOcean‌ Thanks for the reply I probably won’t be playing on ggpo as tbh it just seems like too much hassle. ATM I don’t have an xbox and as I said where I live there is some good competition so I mainly just needed someting to practice combos on I’m fairly new to actually learning 3s so I practiced a lot of combos on arcade mode (my main is yun) but there’s some things I think I’ll need the full game for hence why I got anniversary edition for ps2

@Lance3rd‌ Hey man! Yeah my plan is to get OE once I get an xbox but is practicing on anniversary edition ok for now? tbh it feels okay to me compared to the arcade version

also I hear a lot of players (pyro, yi etc) say ps2 is totally different game form arcade version, any reason why?


I think it’s ok. when they say it’s different they just mean it feels faster because of a timing difference (arcade is slower) and some additional input lag. some whiff punishes and confirms will be harder. but the difference isn’t so massive that you shouldn’t play it.

a lot of players used PS2 before we had OE and they seemed to turn out ok! I think it’s all good.


ya the ps2 version is fine, just not ideal. but there’s no reason to shun it if its what you have access to!

tbh you just might not be familiar enough with things to notice how different it runs compared to cps3.


There are some good players on PS3. Duralath is on there, Teen Hearts, Exo when he actually decides to play on PS3 among others. I think it’s probably like xbl though; some great players but a lot of mediocre ones too. It can be a good place to practice and work on new stuff.


I have it on XBL PS3 and GGPO, i mostly play XBL but have been playing a lot more on GGPO recently, any way of playing it is better than on your own vs CPU or training mode.

If you are based in Europe i suggest joining this group https://www.facebook.com/groups/3rdstrikeUK/


is it worth getting an xbox to play 3s online? do many people play it? or is it a waiting game? I guess I could always add people from here!


There are pretty much always people online. And UFCgym.


Deemo organises a little league on the 3rd Strike Europe FB group for XBL players, where everyone plays FT10 games against everyone else. It’s currently in Season 2, and I don’t know if you can jump in on it right now. Plenty of great players in the UK and a few other countries are there so it could be a useful way to get match experience, although if you’re relatively new, you could get curbstomped constantly.


@TiredOcean‌ Yeah I’ve heard about this league how does it work though do I have to wait for a season to end or can I just turn up and play? I’ve tried picking up 3s a few times so I guess I’m fairly new also I’m lucky enough to be good friends with E.T (the chun player) so he beats my ass 24/7 xD getting destroyed doesn’t phase me much just motivates :slight_smile:


Uhh… I know I called it a league, but you might also be thinking of the London League, which is a biweekly event held at the HoG. I know for a fact that you can show up pretty much whenever you want for that one (although points are carried over from pasts events, and we’ve already had 2 games so far in the current season).

But Deemo’s FT10 thing? I’m not sure if you can turn up for it mid-season or not. Calling @Deemo‌ .

Again, I would like to stress that you should join 3rd Strike Europe and also the Heart of Gaming crew - Third Strike. Everything UK Third Strike related shows up in these groups so it’s really useful. If you don’t like Facebook, sign up with a fake name or something - I know one guy who does it (but if you’re going to show up to locals you might as well use your real name anyway).