CPS3 and 3rd Strike Issues help needed!


Well its easy to explain but hard to understand the problem whit my CPS3 and 3rd Strike game.

This is the story.
The machine works very well yesterday in the afternon, and in the night i turning off, arround one hour passed and i turning on the machine, and oh surprise!!

I get this graphics in the screen


Now i test in another cabinet whit other graphics.


I remember time ago i have another issues whit my CPS3, i dont know if that issue is in any way related to this problem.

My very first problem whit this machine are the image never will centered, all the time are rolling up to down, other guys who also have arcade machines, they recommended me to a technician who specializes in repairing CAPCOM and SEGA game boards.

And yes, he fix my board, he add something like a console modchip. in the top of the pcb says 96682A-S

See pictures.



And this is the pinout of the chip

96682A-S - CPS3
GND - CX76
VCC - CX71
OUT - R29
IN1 - DL3329 SSU Pin 15
IN2 - DL3329 SSU Pin 16

I already try to contact to the technical again but unfortunately his phone number no longer exist, and no longer live in the same house.

I really need your help guys!


When was the last time you had the battery replaced on your security cartridge?

I’m also of the opinion that the cart suicided itself. Could be the board, though, judging from that mickey mouse repair job.

You might want to consider sending the board and the cart state-side… assuming the cart isn’t dead, I’d have this guy (Ryan) change the battery: http://gametz.com/user/platinumfungi.html

And ask this guy about fixing the board: http://www.arcadecomponents.com/index.html

Both are good peoples and I use them exclusively for my console and arcade repair, respectively. Ray @ Arcadecomponents unfortunately wouldn’t do the battery swap on the CPS3 cart as the carts are notoriously finnicky, but I somehow talked Ryan into taking a crack at it and he was successful on the first attempt. He’s told me he’s willing to take more jobs if anyone is willing.

Good luck

Well i purchase arround 3 years the board, and i never change the battery.

If the battery dies its possible to fix it?


It should last longer than 3 years, but it is common practice to change it every 3, just in case. Who knows how long the guy before you ran it without changing the battery, too. I’ve heard there are Capcom contacts that can replace the battery and reload the RAM for you (yes, that’s why they die, the battery is keeping data in RAM alive. When that decryption data goes away, so does your ability to play the game :cry:). Just do some googling, I don’t know who to talk to, off hand.

If the battery dies and the cart is NOT Japanese region, you have the following options:

  1. Cry
  2. Have the cart reflashed to the Asian “NO-CD” version.

Capcom USA is gone; no one can revive english (USA) 3S carts as far as I am aware. Japanese carts can be resurrected by Capcom Japan, but they will not deal directly with foreigners and they will only accept carts from authorized agents such as Fujita Communications.

I believe ai.amusement on eBay offers the reflash service for the Asian “NO-CD” version.

You should be able to verify the battery is good by opening up the cart and using a multimeter to check the voltage.

Good luck

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Your cartridge just suicided. The motherboard and everything should be fine. Don’t touch the motherboard. All you have to do is “resurrect” the dead cartridge. Once you put a working cartridge in it should be fine.

Contact this guy this resurrect dead 3S cartridges:


You’ll have to mail him your dead cart for around $150. When he resurrects it, it will be the Asia version but don’t worry.

[SIZE=4]To get it back to the American Version with all the sounds intact make this into a CD and put it in. Last link Post 68:[/SIZE]


Do all this you should be fine.