CPS3 decrypted


k now daydream about how youre gonna aegis ub scrubs online

yay JoJo!!! =D

wow, what i feat. I never thought i would see those words. Looks like i’ll be able to play RedEarth someday lol


What good games are out for cps3 again?

Ohhhhhhhhhhh Shiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttt :)))))))))))

All the SF3 games, Jojo games, Warzard.

Awesome. :tup:

Ah, good ol’ lag. Have fun parrying.

Oh man. Can’t wait to try out ArtMoney on SF3.


Oh yes

wow. just wow.

As long as this means I get to play Ver.A 3rd Shizzle on my comp this will be awesome. Probably be a silght delay in the inputs like with most MAME games but 3S on your PC is good ish.

finally…tear drops from 1 eye

If the CPS3 emulator released, we’ll party…:party::woot:


emulator + internet = lag…

This mean we’ll be able to Phoenix dead 3s boards?

Hey yo, who wanna get at me Tessa vs. your scrubby character

thanks for this revolutionary insight