CPS3 Emulator suddenly runs crappy

Not sure what happened, before I used to play this on the same rig with no problems whatsoever, but now everytime I run it, it runs very slow and all of the sound effects come out chop and screwed. I don’t know what happened.

My rig:

Core 2 Duo E4500
GeForce 6800 Ultra
2GB of RAM

My rig’s more than capable of running it, and it used to run it flawlessly, but now it barely even runs anymore. FBA and other emulators work fine.

Anyone know what might’ve happened? Went around the config files and saw nothing wrong. Even unzipped it again but no luck.

what emu is it? if its mame++ try using NFBA that thing runs perfectly on my computer

probably got a virus or something. you should check your cpu load while the emu is running

the same happened to me, i just found out how to get arround this:

set your soundcard to 44khz, if its set to anything higher, specially 192khz, this emulator will run very poorly.

my system is a core 2 e6320, 4 gig ram, realtek soundcard, nvidia 7800.

I had this happen before when I installed a new version of MAME over an older one.
I had to reinstall the emulator in another folder.

Shouldn’t be a problem with nFBA though. If you’re still using MAME, get off that shit.

Yeah it happened to me too after a while. Get nFBA.

I think he’s talking about elsemi’s CPS3 emu, try deleting the emulator’s (the emu will create a new one upon next run), you’ll probably need to set up your stick/pad video and audio settings again.