CPS3 Hardware help

Hey guys,

I am (hopefully) putting together a CPS3 Street Fighter III: Third Strike arcade cabinet for an arcade I work for (I am still new there so bare with me please). I have found a kit online of the some of the stuff I need which you can see here.

Now besides the obivous thats missing, like buttons, sticks, monitor, cabinet, and all that, what else will I need for the board itself? It doesn’t seem to include the memory, and I am unsure about what kind I will need.

And as for getting a powersupply, what am I looking at for volts and etc. Is there a special one I need to get?

Thanks for any help guys.


Okay I’m no expert on CPS 3 hardware, but I’m sure the board comes with the memory necessary otherwise the system wouldn’t work. From what it looks like they are edo simm modules. Finding them won’t be the easiest thing in the world if necessary, as I doubt anyone is making them anymore, but it shouldn’t be impossible.

You should be able to use any normal arcade power supply. If you have other jamma compatible cabinets, well, you should be able to just plug this one in and go.

I find it funny that the security cart plugs into a pci slot…