CPS3 Issues :(


Hey everyone!

Got a couple of tech quandaries for you regarding a CPS3 board. It’s JoJo’s Venture.

The board was doing fine for a couple of days and all the sudden it started only booting to the test menu. Attempting to exit the test menu did nothing, it would just go instantly back to the test menu again. Then we noticed that under the input test, the 1p coin, service and test buttons are all seen as constantly on. We double checked all the connections and still had the same issue, so we tried it in another cab entirely with the same issues there, too!

Very odd.

Have any of you ever heard of this issue before? It’s weird. Definitely something to do with the board rather than the physical test, service and coin switches. Pressing the test button on the board or the physical coin buttons does nothing.

Thanks in advance for reading and any insight into the matter!