CPS3 with no CD? wut?

i just need clarifications about a CPS3 board that i’m about to buy.

it’s a Japanese 3s board with no CD. i didn’t even know CPS3 systems could run with no CD. i played on it today, and its working fine.

from reading other threads, it seems Japanese CPS3 systems are better than US ones. why is that? can dead Japanese CPS3s be revived in ways that the US ones can’t?

i’m going to replace the battery as soon as i get it, but i’d like to know how successful people have been with Raz’s new Backup Battery method.

capcom of japan replaces batteries on japanese copies…

and you can just make a burnt copy of any disk and use it…

do i have to use a disk? i was running it fine without one a while ago. what’s the disk for?

Are you sure the CPS3 3rd Strike your buying is Japanese or is it the Asian version?

Highjack: Why is the Asian version screwed anyway? Doesn’t make sense…

Asian versions are messed up… Stay away from them. Japanese or USA is fine. Its a pain to Capcom of Japan to replace the battery as you need to be a an arcade vendor or know vendor that will send it in for you. Just have “MeanBean” over at Neo-Geo.com mod the cart for you, whether its US or JAP doesn’t matter. Yes you need a CD. Copy or whatever to still need one.

There are no-CD versions available of at least a couple of CPS3 titles. Whether one would be a good investment is doubtful though, game data is still contained in flash memory on the motherboard and should it somehow become lost or corrupted you won’t have a CD to reload from. Naturally you wouldn’t be able to switch games or version (say to SF3.3 version A with unblockables from B without them) either.

is there any way i can tell between version A and B just from the startup screen?
like from the date or something?

it IS the Japanese version btw. the voices are intact, and i’ve seen the configuration screen. i couldn’t understand a thing. ang the super names are not in english. :B

bottom line: should i buy this thing or should i settle for the asian version?

could you guys enlighten me as to all this talk of suicide cabinets and such?i see it all over the boards, but in the conversations people alread seem to know what all this talk is.

(just curious)

Capcom in the past used suicide batteries in their arcade boards (CPS2 and CPS3) to help fight piracy. Basically after a few years, the boards would just die and you would need to replace the battery. Back in the day, all you had to do was sent them off to Capcom Coinop USA and they could replace the battery. But they were shut down many years by Capcom USA. So nowadays people just replace the battery of their own CPS2 boards on their own, BUT CPS3 boards on the other hand, are more difficult to replace and fix, and most of the time it always ends in failure.

So without Capcom Coinop USA now, the only other way of getting a new battery for a CPS3 board is to send it off to Capcom Japan. But for that to happen, you would have to get in contact with a Japanese arcade operator to help send the order for repairs. And Capcom Japan will ONLY repair Japanese boards, so if you have a US 3S that just died, go curl up in a corner and be prepared to cry your heart out.

So, Basically if you saved your hard earned dollars back circa 1999-2000 and droped $3000+ for a new 3rd Strike machine from Capcom your machine would be dead or near dead now with no USA replacement or fix possible. This is actually Illegal for Capcom to do as they concelled the fact to their customers and made no metion of it in the manuals. It would be similar as you buying a new car in 2000 only to find 5-6 years later that one morning it didn’t start because it had a hidden suicide battery under the seat that when it dies the car can’t be fixed. Huh, so why hasn’t anyone pressed a Civil Lawsuit against Capcom? Well, arcade owners have made thier money and are no longer for the most part in business anymore. Also, there are not many people that bought a 3rd strike machine for home use.I doubt that they even know why their machine won’t work anymore. Still this doesn’t make it right for Capcom to pull such a stunt. In fact its just plain criminal. If a Civil Lawsuit was pursued Capcom would have to fix or replace all Cps3 boards at no charge or pay a huge settlement. Anyone know a good lawyer?

that is some good shit there Steve.

…so, can anyone tell me if i should buy it?
i’m pretty sure the price will be at least fair.

i had a closer look at the board today, and i was even able to compare it with a CPS3 Asian versions that used to have a CD Rom.

in the No-CD version, there’s some kind of chip that was mounted on a small PCB and stuck on the underside, with some wires linking to it. in the CD-based CPS3, this chip was mounted on the main Board and there were no wires leading to it.

in all likelihood, this could be the version with no unblockables, since the technicians say they’ve never seen it before and they say it’s “new”.