Cpt. America/Spiderman/Gambit

Cpt. America - Projectile type
Spiderman - Capture type
Gambit - Projectile type

Any advice or tips on this team. Maybe some fun facts. Cause usually I lead with Cpt. and use spidey’s assist at random times just so I can get some free combos and then gambits if I want to hold them for just a second.

Can I see a video plz?

Try using C.America-B/Spidey-A/Gambit-B use Spidey’s assist to get in on your opponents and cross up with C.America by doing his backflip cartwheel this move is great for crossups, Gambit-B keeps your opponents away if you know when to call him not by just mashing him on one side of the screen when your opponent is on the other side, C.America-B is a good anti air assist and can also be used to keep opponents away

try using the team help thread.