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Ho Hoe Hoe, and too many bottles of rum.

Been Uber impressed by everyone’s work so I thought I’d scar your eyes by posting some of my drunken artist body proportions work. Or maybe you’ll dig it and have an eye orgasim over. I can’t please everyone.

Here I a pic I posted ages ago. Enjoy, or let your eyes burn in a steamy dungfueled hatred for it.

Here’s a picture I did for my girlfriend. Shocked? yes I do have a girlfriend and she loves me eye patch wooden leg and all.

WARNING: This picture is VERY CHEESY! Sorry I can’t provide you with a puke bucket. We need them for the ship (Seasickness an all)

Who Likes TOOL?

I do. I was workin at a festival in Taupo New Zealand and had a spare day free on my birthday. So I drew this. I was supposed to draw art for a Tool website. I got lazy and well…didn’t.

Im a Toolholic

outside of that, these pics are nice. Uh, something bothers me bout ryu’s body. Nothing that some anatomy reviews cant fix.:smiley:

The 2nd pic reminds me of American Pie, when the lacross dude was trying to get with that choir girl. Im sure your girlfriend at that one up. Keep the art coming.

Yes I also agree that Ryu’s anatomy can be fixed up in a jiffy and the second pic is really full of cheese and is good. Nice work…

Thanks very much Deonysios
heres that Tool pic I promised.

Pavement arts my job so I get all kinds of feedback all day long. But it’s really cool hearing from talented other artists.

Yeah that ryu pic was a bitch to draw. Never mind. I think SFMC’s got the Udon art contest in the bag so far anyway.

I post some funnies next.

:eek: and this one made me think… I love the concept… good job

Here’s a picture I did for a Christmas special my band put together and headlined at. I’m the hairy guy without a shirt on. No one probably has even heard of these Kiwi bands.

One of our very very claims to fame. Is that we played to Tool once. They were smiling and seemed to enjoy it. I just gutted I’m going to miss A perfect circle.

We were gonna get our friends Sterogram to join in the fun but they were on tour.

SF Quiz time: The main picture is a take on some promotional Capcom art from what SF game?

Thanks for all the comments.

Lovely Lady

Heres a picture of one of my main female characters in my comic. I drew it almost 4 years ago. Some chick asked me to draw a picture for her but I was in a bad mood so it was all rainy. And then thought I’d draw a nice one for myself.

I like drawing beautiful women. It’s really girls go “She’s got impossible breasts”. And guys go “Man you draw nice breasts”. Oh well.

Crits comments and condemnation are all welcome.

P.S:Oh yea big ups to the Dreaded Fist for his advice with my Photoshop color styles and the cheesy picture was me trying out thoughs techniques.

P.P.S: Who remembers eternal champions for the megadrive. There was something unsetttling about that game.


Heres something that has nothing to do with street fighter.

Unless the characters all went insane. Or my band could street fight.

I did it today.

Enjoy or Hate, it makes life great.

Falmes in watercolor

Heres more.

i like that flames one alot

XMEN 2 Nightcrawler

Here’s Night Crawler from Xmen 2 for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. Wadda reckon coat or no coat? And props to Yakusapunk for the inspiration.

Oh yea, cheers for the kind comment -|[kunoichi]|-

As usual feel free to crit, condem or celebrate. It’s a free world (Well it has the illusion of such from were I’m from anyways)

Enjoy Peter Gabriel


Heres a picture I did of Guile from a few years ago. He’s brooding.
What da ya think?

I’ll keep posting till I loose my computer or start my next job. Or win the lottery and start my own animation company.

Enjoy 'Orkid

Fight scene

Here’s a fight scene from my comic. I’ll try and get all the pages posted asap. Here you’ll notice the crazy proportions in full swing. This might remind you of a Yoda/Luke Matrixy type deal. The Maori guy is teaching the Fire Guy how to use his power. If anyone still comes here I may get round to posting the whole comic one day.


The next page


More enjoy

Last Page.

Thanks for watching

Fight scene

lol, very good!

Cheers Travis glad you dig it.

I had alot of fun drawing it.

Here’s what will probably be my last post of artwork for awhile thanks for the all the inspiration and kind comments and good feedback.

Here’s a Watercolor picture I did Way back in 2001.

Keep drawing y’all There is major talent floating around these forums. I’ve learnt alot from alot of you!


The Muntmeister