CptMunta's nutty pseudo 3D Pavement art thread of outrangeousness


Hey all,

It’s summer time here in kiwiland so I’ll be pavement arting my ass off, I thought I’d make a thread showing off a few of my pavement art wears that I’ve been working on. ENJOY :wgrin:

I’ve been trying out a 3D method more nowadays thats all the rage thanks to the incredible spammings of Julian Beavers work. Here’s a few of my experiments:



Drawn outside the Christchurch Museum for the rebranding of a local art gallery.

“Mermaid in pool”


This one was done by the beautiful Sumner (not a spelling mistake it’s real name) beach over two days. This one I just put my hat out a busked for fun. Goodtimes


Holy camole!.. It’s one of those trickery pavement chalkboard works!.. Good job!.. They really pop out!.. (Love the colouring… You’re using those refracted light, eh?! Awesome!)…


Cheers Guys.
ALOT happening at the moment. Just finished a week long stint for the World Buskers Festival http://www.worldbuskersfestival.com/

Decided to do a piece to honor one of my favorite movies Princess Mononoke:


I’m pretty happy with it. Except of the tiles (Which spoils the 3D effect somewhat) and the wolfs nose. It took ages because the crazy weather we’ve been having lately.

Also ran into these guys whilst finishing it up on the last day:


These guys were performing at the festival and told me about how they performed at Hayao Miyazaki’s (Mononoke’s director) after party of the premier of one of his films. They said they’ll tell him about my pavement art. Small world!


Here’s my latest Pavement art pics:

I only had half a day to finish this one for Cosmic Corner www.cosmiccorner.co.nz my friend Mark was celebrating his shops 10th birthday and wanted a trippy Dance floor for people to groove on that would light up under the UV lights:

But if you really want to see it work it’s nutty 3D trippy glory have a gander at this short vid:

Explore Marc Barnes

Enjoy :slight_smile:


WOW! I like that "3D Effect’ type one. For a moment, it was as though it was standing upright. =) Awesome.

— On top of that, I just realized it was princess mononoke! :lovin:


holy shit, that owns so much!

Please tell me you took pics of it under the UV lights!


Awesome stuff there CptMunta! How long do these take? And how long till they’re gone?!


Woah, had to go grave digging to find this thread :wink:

To answer your queries.

They can last weeks, months or even years depending on the surface and if I fix em down. The princess Monoke piece is still there clear as day :slight_smile:

And sorry Sheng Long. Couldn’t get a photo under the UV’s to many people getting down on the dancefloor. Which is cool.

Here’s my latest creations I did for the Wanaka festival of Colour:

This piece took two days with my awesome new Pastels at $4.20 a stick you have to be VERY careful with them.

And for all the Duckie fans. I had half a day so I rushed this one out:

On another note I did this rough draft for a local kiteboarding place:

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Here’s some more 3D art. This was done for China Union Pay and BNZ (Bank of New Zealand). They flew me up to Auckland and it was drawn in the Quad at Auckland University. It took two days:

It’s reflecting a Union Pay ATM in the water to say your can use your Union Pay back cards on BNZ ATMs. (I didn’t do the relfection writing and characters backwards so the students could read it)

Here it is at the wrong angle:


enjoy :slight_smile:


First Ducky now this… is there anything you can’t do? :pray:


Nice work, munta! Sorry I didn’t realise it was this weekend you were up in Auckland, although I’ve been sick the past 4 days so probably wouldn’t have been able to make it anyway. Explains why I didn’t see you on GGPO :slight_smile:

But yeah, this latest one in particular is really amazing. Keep it up :slight_smile:



I’ve been on a little bit of a break from drawing the last month or so. Mainly it’s because I’ve been running alot of pavement art workshops and whatnot. But after getting all hyped up after the trailer for that certain game that’s being developed of that certain franchise that we all care about I decided to get back too it.

Thought I’d draw some pictures for myself for fun while I don’t have so much work on.

Since I don’t have an official thread as such I’ll post my wares here:

Here’s a Sim portrait done in Biro and Photoshop:


Here’s something that had been eating my time like no tomorrow glad the clients happy with it though :slight_smile: And stoked it’ll be posted around the city in a few months A1 size Woot!


I got Duckie writers block (Or quackers block maybe) at the moment and have three different story archs to choose from. Parrot, Meryl, Sun… Hmmmmmmm decisions, decisions.


zomygosh awesomeness work dude.


Cheers very much Noround.

Here’s my new DA av:


I got inspired by the Pavement artist kid in Sakura’s A3 Background. :slight_smile:


More messing about:



Munta, you’re by far one of the most talented people on this forum. I love Ducky and all your work here. It doesn’t hurt you seem like such a nice guy!

Keep it up!


Awwwww… Thanks heaps man. :blush:

Putting together a small tourney at my house and here be the flyer for it:



i really love your ATM reflection one. :tup:


Cheers str[e]ak :slight_smile:



Can’t wait to pull up behind my poster design on the way to work :slight_smile:

Oh and they’ve made good use of the photoshop file I sent them.


exposure makes the heart grow fonder :smiley:


Over winter I made the cast of Street Fighter 2 Championship edition in modelling clay call Du-Kit. Each figure is pretty small about the size of my thumb:


and close ups:


Poor wee Guile made him first now he’s too wee.


I also did Akuma and Cammy as well. If anyone wants to see em
I wanna make the Third Strike cast next :slight_smile: