Cpu Music Played Thru Your Tv Speakers

I’m not tech savvy at all, what cables do you use or whatever is needed to do this…I use the limewire site to listen to my favorite music but i want to hear it from my tv speakers (my hdtv has surround sound).

thanks for the help. :tup:

You need mini-plug 3.5mm to RCA & i use this one AudioQuest class 5 audio cable - mini to RCA plugs 1m (3.28’) stereo pair , mine is much more expensive and short because i don’t want it to be longer than 1m but the sound quality is amazing nevertheless, but you can find cheaper one with longer cord if you look around.

thanks man, appreciate it very much…on my way to best buy.

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thanks man, appreciate it very much…on my way to best buy.

You also might want to check and see if your computer has digital output for audio. If so (and if you have a decent receiver) you can plug it straight up to the surround sound receiver.

I got the cable but still can’t hear the music (got the line coming from the headset outlet to the red and white av inputs on my tv.

how do i check that

Since you already have the cables, you might want to make sure the input on your tv is set to the one that you have the cables plugged in to. Do you by chance know what model tv it is?

If you’d rather not do that, check the bottom of this picture for what the input/outputs look like.


Normally, no one will try to listen to the songs only through his/her TV set but it can be done. People usually do this when they want to watch movies from their computers on their HD Ready TV’s. Perhaps your TV won’t let you hear the sound without Picture just give him any picture from you satellite receiver and you should hear the sound of your music. If that doesn’t happen then your mini to RCA is the wrong one or maybe it has been damaged when you got it.

I have a 32’ inch samsung hdtv

I’ve been using av2 input (got 2 sets of them, 1st set in the back and the other on the side of the tv)