CPU suggestions

I may have to return my pc and get a refund since it was pretty much DOA. Was wondering which one of these CPUs is better or should get. They’re relatively the same price but I don’t know how to go about the specs since one has quad cores and one duo.




I already have decided on the video card which is going to be 8800 gts OC. Still need to decide on a good case and motherboard. What type of motherboard is more stable or has fewer problems? Asus, gigabyte, etc.

Oh yea, going to be primarily using this for digital work: photoshop, corel and some light gaming.

I am very interested in this as well. Seems we are in the same boat. I am more curious about the motherboard though.

Yea, post up some motherboards since I’m still deciding on that. Don’t really want to spend more than $150 on it though. So far I think Asus and Gigabyte are good but don’t know which others are.

This maybe of some help to you if you haven’t seen it already.

i honestly dont see the point in getting a quad unless you got apps and such that takes advanatage of it, which i cant think of any. its not bad by anymeans. great cpu, just dont see at this point in time, why a quad would be needed over a dual.

^This is what I have been reading. I’d go for the duo. But what motherboard?

Yea, I would like to know too. I was going to get a evga 680i but some people are saying that it doesn’t work with 45nm chips which is what this e8500 is.

EDIT: Pretty sure the 780i works with it but I didn’t want to spend $270+ on a motherboard. I may just end up getting a 65nm chip like the e6850 if this one doesn’t work on that motherboard.

Go Duo, doesn’t the quad have that TLB issue (google it)???

I wouldn’t bother with a Quad Core unless you’re obsessed with folding/seti or something. The E8500 is faster, consumes less power, produces less heat and will no doubt overclock much better too.

yea, but I can’t use the 680i motherboard, right?

i think a p35/p35c chipset or the newer intel chipset(name escapes me atm) are your best bests, IMO. these chips easily overclock the c2d cpu’s with extreme ease and stability to boot. i honestly wouldnt use a nvidia mobo chipset unless you plan on whoring SLI. but if you dont, intel north/southbridge chipsets are the way to go on mobo’s

Well, found out that this chip works with the 680i. I just have to update the bios which you can get from their site. Still a little in between cases and psu but those aren’t that big a deal. Thanks