CQC: Cammy Quick Casuals (Matchmaking Thread)



Hey everyone,

This thread is your central matchmaking hub for Cammy matches. Whether you use Cammy yourself for Mirror Matches or want practice fighting the Blonde Arrow with another character, feel free to request your match right here.

If it’s not already included in your profile, state what systems you can play on, your gamer handles, what character(s) you want to play as, your general location and your skill level.

I’m personally up for any matches with anyone on XBL only-- I’m from the southeast USA. I play Cammy for real exclusively, but I can mess around with anyone else. Leave me a message on Live or here if you wanna play. :slight_smile:


If anyone still has Vanilla, I’m usually up for a game or two.

This needs to be stickied.


Wait you don’t have Super yet?? x(


No money. Cries


man i don’t even know you but shit let’s set you up a donation drive haha


I usually am in playing as Bison, I dislike mirrors and the fact my Cammy is rusty as all hell doesn’t help lol.


Nah, I couldn’t let ya do that, lol.

I can still practice at the Texas gatherings. We get together sometimes, that’s why I have some knowledge about Super. Landed CQC on someone the other night, lol.


I must be one of the few people who enjoys Cammy mirrors. I love them. I always find I learn new things in mirror matches.


Blah sorry guys, I got caught up watching terrible YouTube videos for the past like 2 hours haha, I’ll do the recording tomorrow!


I’m so in tomorrow. I can put this on my website.


I’m in! Oh fudge (can I say f**k?) I’m going to a friend’s house what time more or less will this be? If you even know? Why do they have a Ryu emoticon :karate: but not a Cammy? :tdown:


Do you play on psn at all?


i’m usually down to play whenever.


I’ll do some Cammy Mirrors. XBL: popTags08


I’ll try setting up around Midnight EST, but feel free to start anything else with anyone else. :slight_smile:

Also I need to think of a unique thread title-- hearing Delta Red and Killer Bee over and over again-- oh I got it, Killer Bee Matchmaking Hive??

edit: Credit to WiNGSPANTT for the new thread title, it’s so bad haha


I have SSF4 for PSN but I usually play xbox since I only have an xbox stick (made the move from pad to stick recently).

If you want a few matches, send me a friend request on PSN and I will rock out Cammy on pad with you sometime though.


I feel like the only Cammy player on PSN when on the cammy forums LOL
any other PSN cammys?


Well Kit and I play Cammy, although I loathe Cammy mirror matches. I’ve seen how she’s played at mid-high level though, so I could help on pointing out how to properly use her.
I’m offering myself as a Guy player though, if Cammy players need Guy experience.


I am on PSN also… Faux123 is the gamer tag on PSN… Add me DJ_San… I need to some practice against Guy… Guy’s getting on my nerve now after playing against a few good Guy players…


I might as well dip in-- PSN, add me up: GeoffTheHero

I don’t have the game yet but I’ll have it soon.