, lk.tatsu,, lk.tatsu... is it possible?

wondering if this combo works or if my timing is just off. I know you can land it if the other player is pushing buttons or not blocking. I thought i saw this in a couple videos but the opponent COULD have been pressing buttons/not blocking/whiffing a parry.

also anyone else here tried lk.tatsu, jab (reset) jab -> lk, hp? (basically lk.tatsu karademon) i just figured it out and was wondering how effective it is…

idk, im basically lookin to pick up some reset combos to mix stuff up a bit… you can only BnB so many times before that sh*t gets predictable.

also, im wondering how the, lk. tatsu, s.fp, demon flip is executed? or the air rk. tatsu, s.fp, demonflip… i see this all the time, but my opponent ALWAYS lands as im launching for the demon flip, i cant seem to find where to cancel the s.fp… it just doesn’t come out when it needs to (the demonflip).

EDIT: Nevermind, I see what you’re talking about now.

Doing the bnb is the safest thing to do. Its not like they can burst out of it, so who really cares how predictable it is. They are already stuck in it. Anytime you start going for resets, you are creating a risk in hopes of more damage. If you want to go for resets though, jab reset kara demon is really only good if you can do the cross under, because unless you dash in, you wont be in range, and chances are, they can jump out. It’s not a setup I would recommend.

fp reset canceled into demon flip took me a little while to get down, but it helps a lot if you hold forward while you are pressing fp. Once the fp hits, just go straight into d, df+:k:. Its the same as canceling a fp into shoryu.

true, bnb is the bnb because it is so safe… it’s nice to throw in some freshness too though to keep em guessing… akuma’s biggest asset is the element of surprise he brings to the game.

i have the reset into the demon pretty well timed so that as he is landing he is already being grabbed. im doing the RD after a jab reset btw.

i am still working on crossing under. (when to/not to attempt it.)

def appreciate the help w/ the s.fp. demonflip… i think i can get it now… my problem is i was doing the srk motion after the fp even though i was already holding forward. knocks on own head

thanks bro.

any additional help / tips / comments / techniques would be greatly appreciated. ie:, lk.tatsu,, lk.tatsu… is it possible?

You mean quickly canceling jab into tatsu? It works for mk or rh tatsu, but lk tatsu has too slow startup time. The only way to have 2 lk tatsus in one combo is a jump in lk tatsu, then another lk tatsu.

Are you dashing forward when you do jab reset kara demon? Are you using f+mp for the kara demon or rh?

well, im basically building the reset into the demon, only one jab comes out (the one that resets them… so its basically…, lk. tatsu, jab (reset), jab -> lk, hp

you need to wait a split second between the 2 jabs or you go under them.

so i guess its not really a kara because your not canceling anything into it, but your jabs get hidden… except that first one which just looks like you’re resetting them to do something else, and then DEMON as they are landing… haha its great.

ok, so you can reset into a mk. tatsu… coo.

it wasn’t until you told me how to do that demonflip after the HP that i realized that i never really canceled a standing hp into a shoryu before… i usually do ducking hp shoryu or ducking hp fireball haha… when i did it last night i was like SHAZAAM! (i didn’t uhh say shazaam, i said it to myself… if i had said it out loud someone woulda thought i was in the special olympics or somethin’)

You can’t effectively do that. I’m thinking that a buffered demon following a jab reset won’t give you’re opponent enough time to land. If you’re trying what I think you are, not only will you not be in range for an effective demon, you won’t even activate while they’re vulnerable.

Yeah…doesn’t work on a decent opponent.

Going under your opponent, as Pherai stated, is a much better idea for a raging demon and mixup in general.

I can’t think of any reason not to cancel into hk tatsu over mk tatsu.

That’s pretty basic stuff. Perhaps you’re going about learning 3s the wrong way. It’s almost like you’re trying to walk before you can crawl.

Um, so you activate the demon outside of point blank range?

On a sort of un related note i noticed you can, lk.tatsu, jab reset, dash, jab srk xx SA1 and the jab srk should hit before they hit the ground if your fast enough.

For some reason this does way more damage than, lk.tatsu, jab reset, juggle with SA1 but it is hard to do, also i noticed that mp srk and fp srk wont hit even though they are faster after the jab reset. I did this on PS2, any word on arcade confirmation?

Can you record this? I have a feeling this doesn’t work unless they are stunned.

I can’t but just give it a try, set the dummy to auto guard so it will block immediately on landing, as long as it hits after the reset you know it’s hitting in the air.

That is not true when it comes to auto guard in training mode…

1st without testing I?m 99.999x% sure that doesn’t work

2nd when it comes to training mode when the dummy is out of health it will fail to block certain things and also block combo’s mid way through that it could not.

I could’ve sworn the only attacks that’ll work after reset are supers… :confused:

You and me both. I’ll wait to see it until I believe it. Left my stick somewhere though so I can’t try it.

^not really…

Im not saying i never canceled hp into srk, what i meant was that i just dont use it often and i never put 2+2 together to think “duhhh demonflip”…

like i said, im just trying to implement some more mixups and techniques into my game is all…


I agree with the cross under…

thanks to everyone for the tips and whatnot.

Wait a sec…

huh? :confused:

Anyway, according to JR the cross under demon is inescapable so its a good setup to learn, but every falls differently, so you might want to just learn it again the twins and chun and shotos and be done with it.

What about Remy, Q and Urien? They can all be crossed under with a st. cl. jab.

-Also, today I crossed under Gouki (a shoto) right after a parried a UOH and jabbed him.

-I’ve also been trying to learn how to cross other shotos off of normal (st.) jab reset scenarios. It’s possible to cross under shotos after a standing jab. I’ve done it on Ken and it seems like the cl. jab can’t be point blank, but must be close enough for a cl. lp and not a st. lp. I’ve gotten it more times off of heavy damage combos like jump in fierce, cl. fierce, lk tatsu, jab reset because the hp’s push you and Ken backwards considerably.

-Whenever I get a joystick I’m gonna get this True Kara Demon down pat.

*What’s up, people? Long time lurker, seldom poster.

About the ‘cross-under demon’: I’ve been testing out ‘cr. forward/strong, lk tatsu, cr. jab reset, cross-under dash’ and it seems to work on EVERYONE except Oro, Hugo, Ibuki and Elena :sad:. There is NO variance in timing either. The only timing issue comes when timing the cr. jab for the reset. It has to be done at the earliest possible moment after recovering from the lk tatsu (watch Gouki’s feet when landing, if you’re having trouble). From that point it’s dash-under into: Kara-Demon / st. forward / lk demon-flip into crossup / whatevah…

Anyway, I found this today and I thought I’d share it 'cause it seems like it wasn’t already discovered.

Ibuki, Oro, and Elena seem to fall too fast for any type of cross-under, regardless of the circumstances. But it seems like there’s hope in Hugo’s case, though I’m having trouble even hitting the motherfucker to begin with (I’ve only tried cr. jab, though).

Anyway, have fun getting :sweat:, :arazz:, :sad: reactions off this, fellas.*

I thought it worked on Elena…:confused:

*Not through my method it doesn’t.

If it is possible to cross-under Elena, then it probably requires timing the jab reset so it’s specific to her. I’m not saying it’s impossible… just that it’s not possible through my method.*

Glad you joined the party, I was always under the impression that Elena fell slower than most, although I’ve never really bothered trying it on her. It might have somethign to do with her hitbox, blocking you or something?? Don’t know.