Cr. forward x srk

any tricks to doing this on the stick? i try so many times, and i can barely get it out

and if someone always throws after an empty jump, if i jump in, and dash back right after, will his throw whiff?

I’m not sure how to describe it to you besides saying that when I do cr.fwd xx srk I use the jab srk and its a cancel so if you do the shoryuken immediately after you press d/df+mk the srk should come out before the mk animation is completed.

As for your second question, the only time I have been able to empty jump in -> back dash and make them whiff is when my opponent’s reaction times were slower than ketchup in a bottle. Basically if my opponent timed his throw correct, he could throw me as soon as I hit the ground before I am able to retreat.

Hope this helps. Its kind of sad how no one else has responded…I wonder where everyone that used to frequent these forums has gone?

“cr. forward x srk”

I’ve always been able to do it like this:

cr. forward x (down-forward, down, down-forward + punch).

The first down-forward still counts as forward in the srk motion. You don’t even need to go back to neutral during any of that. add Yeah, just wanted to say that savaii’s words are still applicable. It’s still a cancel and has to be completed quickly; I’m just saying that I use an abbreviated motion.

The only thing I can add to savaii’s response is that if you’re gonna empty jump and you’re really that sure your opponent just throws automatically… well, if they’re really that well “trained”, start using that fact to mix them up.

ic. i needa hit up family and try the df, d, df punch way.

i asked my homie and he told me to press forward, down mk, downforward punch, which works, but i cant hit confirm it cuz the forward before the mk throws me off so that works for me if i parry with the forward lol.

this kinda threads are so unnecessary…
but oh well…

press forward on the stick, then down, by this time press the foward kick button, the kick comes out, now press down foward on the stick, then any punch

too easy…

arcade gimmick, if you hit confirm this on ps2 you are a robot and should be banned.

Eh hit confirmation by sight is a lot harder than hit confirmation by sound.
I listen for the impact noise.

Blocks sound different from hits.
(on my ps2)

You have to be walkin backwards for the hit comfirm to be even easier.

oooh never thought of that cause i noticed it’s harder a the full extent of the kick but never thought the inverse would be true, thanks.

Oooh never thought of that cause i noticed it’s harder at the full extent of the kick but never thought the inverse would be true, thanks.

if u hit ur low forward at max range, would srk whiff?

yes lol

and the whole walking backwards to hit confirm is pretty retarded, maybe it’s a console thing? I only play arcade and it’s pretty much the same if you’re walking backwards or forwards lol.

It is easier for your hand when you do it walking backwards.

Alex Valle told me that at evo 07, he was hit comfirming both supers and uppercuts.
You could clearly see it

Its the same for PS2 and arcade, Ive tested it
I can even hit confirm Yun’s dash punches

if its just easier for your hand then it really isn’t “easier” its just more convenient for you personally. you were making it sound like you had more frames or something which you do not.

yeah i can confirm yun dash punch off a also but mp uppercut is tighter timing than that imo. in my opinion its not really worth it to go for the uppercut when you could just super them and have it not be range dependent + super knockdown.

like when do you ever have no super with ken?? you burning ex for no reason? if so that is an entirely different hole in your game.

as neat as it is in theory i really wouldn’t spend too much time with it personally. ken isn’t a character that is really starving for meter anyway.

I donno about this tho, cause this clearly has many counters, since ken cr mk is -4 thats ken’s SA3, makoto’s SA1 and chun’s SA2 reversal super or a well timed lk from a SA3 standing yun and that’s just off the top of my head.

although i do love seeing cr mk fireball xx shippu beat reversal shippu.

Yeah as Flurry said, there’s no real frame advantage in walking backwards. The only advantage is that it’s easier on your hand which is 100% preference.

Can you show me a vid of Valle hit confirm lowforwards? It’s very rare to see in top Kens in Japan, the only person that goes for it allot in tournament is Kashi and he’s known to be one of the few in Japan to be able to do it (according to an SBO blog).

What I’ve realized is, if you can hit confirm with Chun’s c.MK, you’ll be able to do it with Ken’s.

My suggestion is, go to training mode, throw on random guard, max meter, and just try it out with your eyes closed and listen to the difference between a blocked c.MK and a hit c.MK.

Get used to the sound.
It helps a lot.

chuns cr mk is more delayed then kens imo so i dont think its as easy to hit confirm kens cr mk

Only if you’re doing it based on sight.
The impact and range are pretty much similar.
They’re also both cancels.

Other than that slight delay that Chun has when she crouches and turns around, both moves are extremely similar IMO.

But by no means am I that it’s hit confirming Ken’s c.MK is as easy as hit confirming Chun’s c.MK.
What I’m trying to say is that the general idea behind the technique is identical.

And also that, hit confirming Ken’s c.MK by sight is harder that hit confirming by the sound of impact.

Does anyone have tips for executing cr. foward xx srk xx SA3? I can easy execute cr. foward xx srk and srk xx SA3, but I can never get the whole combo consistently. How do you guys do it?