Cr.fwd XX shippu

I’m sure you guys have had this a lot.But this is impossible to hit confirm.I’ve tried buffering,negative edge and all that shit.I can confirm off most of the pokes and the overheads except what seems to be one of the major ones and its fucking lame lol.Tips please!!!

Don’t hit confirm, find ways you won’t have too:P I’ve yet to see japanese do actual hit confirms rather then predicting whether it hits.

Now on how to go about it, dominant ways are whiff punish and dash punish. Though in all honesty I wouldn’t recommend c.MK XX SA3 for dash punishment, if you have a good s.MP -> SA3 you should use that. Whiff punish is about spotting and timing, once you have that down that SA3 is for free.

Now a bit more hardcore, there’s one key thing to remember, if the opponent is standing, the c.MK isn’t blocked, since no character can block c.MK standing. This means that whenever your opponent is standing and remains standing(not dashing or jumping), c.MK XX SA3 is available to you.

Now some times you’ll see Kens doing c.MK XX SA3 against crouchers(rarity compared to the other three), these are either whiffpunishers or counter hits while whiffpunishers are obvious to see counter hits are not. Counter hits however do freeze the game for a tiny bit, lengthening your cancel window of your c.MK allowing you a bit more to confirm or autoconfirm as you can press the buttons in a fashion they are not in the normal hit cancel window, but are in the counter hit cancel window. Some moves from opponents have sounds associated with them too, so that can be used to determine whether you should launch SA3 after c.MK.

what? I was assuming there are no counter hits in 3s :confused:

it’s not like you get extra frames for that… what happens in those situations is that you react to their move initial animation, instead of reacting to the mere hit (which is indeed very hard for ken’s cMK).

There are, but the only thing it does is slow down the game a little.