Cr.hp, 3 tackles, headbutt

Has anyone saw this?

(start on 3:15)

No clue on how to do it… and I finally got the hang on 2 tackles…

There’s no info about the player too…only his name $ (lol)

i remember seeing rx50cent do 3 tackles on a lot of the cast in a combo video. Someone should ask him how to do it.


I don’t see any mystery here. I mean I can do that when from something else than a crouching hp (that gives more height and thus more time).

To me its just a question of an even more strict timing and you can do it to less characters.

Hell he can even do 4 on Q.

its hard

just do what you normally do, but 3 times, with stricter timing :T

edit: hahahaha $ is like psychich or something jesus christ

That’s very nice, but I have seen even better: cr.hp, roundhouse tackle, LK tackle, MK tackle, MK tackle.

Easy, just partition the 3rd tackle, same as a headbutt. Using that method you can do, mk tackle, lk tackle, then an immediate Roundhouse tackle, if it will connect, but it still comes out straight away

I see, thanks!

but I got the method down after doing a little bit of training(still can’t do ir consistently)

do the elbow, while charging back, and hit the first mk tackle, then, go to down back this time, and do the second mk tackle. Go to down back again and do a lk or mk tackle, depending on the height, and then the partitioned mp headbutt

to put it short, the partitioned head will start after the second tackle. If you partition the third tackle it will go out, but there’s no time to charge the head. To work on some chars, you’ll hve to use 3 mk tackles…