cr.HP after EX Falling Rain



So I’m not sure if this was pre-2013 but you can follow up an EX falling rain with a cr.HP or cr.HK. The HK will always hit if timed correctly. However I noticed the c.HP won’t always hit. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. What are the stipulations to get that cr.HK to hit? I though it might have been if the combo was off a counter hit but then i tried it and it didnt work.


I have never had a situation where cr.hp whiffed after ex-rain (unless I fuck it up)… care to elaborate or post a vid?


That sounds really weird,I don’t think the HP link is character specific,and it neither need a counter hit,are you sure you’re donig it from the EX version?


Yeah I am. Sometimes it just whiffs. What’s the frames for getting it out in time? maybe I’m off by .05 seconds or something. i’m trying to learn not to mash it.


If it whiffs, you did it too late. It’s roughly a 2 frame link… or at least feels like one.


Late reply, but thanks! I’ll keep practicing and see what the deal is.