cr. HP setups

Remy has no sweeps so booerns to that. But I’ve come to a conclusion that remy is not a linear fighter. He’s all mindgames.

yes we all know that cr HP by itself as an ANTI-AIR will guarantee DEATH…but what about cr. HP when the opponent is standing?? okay let’s say if the opponent blocks it… you automatically are distanced… I think it’s about sweep distance if i’m not wrong…

if it hits, then you can do a flash kick or SAI or what have you.

i’ve been thinking about this lately… it’s just like ken’s standing HK, if it hits it hits, if it’s blocked it’s blocked

here’s what i’ve trying to do

cr. lk , cr. HP
standing mk, cr. HP

think of anything else??

you can do cr.hp, short clod blue kick, and then fierce flash kick

you can shut your pie hole

Or do all that and take the Flash Kick out and do the SA2… but am also trying to find way to get the people to jump at me cuz i keep use the slow sonic booms to get them to jump in then hit them with the cr. Hp and do things the greentrees said

I can get Jumpin HK to combo into Crouching HP at the corner.

i didn’t quite understand what you were asking, sorry if i didn’t answer your question

it doesn’t do as much damage as cr. HP + SAI

This is a waste, if you’re trying to use this against serious players, you’re going to get owned. First of all, cr HP is pretty much useless when someone jumps at you, if they have NO PARRYING SKILLS whatsoever. It’s too slow and it’s easily parried, unless you can guarantee the hit (eg, the oppenent already attacked in the air and is unable to parry). On the ground it can’t be combo’d into, you can block standing or ducking to block it, as well as parrying it and some crouching chars it will just miss, leaving you open to get attacked. Unless you’re playing total noobs, I suggest you leave this thread. If this is the best combo set ups you can come up with, I feel bad for you ;(

Your right!! but they can try lol but any way where have you been iwst99? you left your site?

I work and go to school full time…it’s hard to make vids now, I seriously have no time. Me and PHD were going to tape some matches on Saturday, but he got a job :’( Damn you business world. I hope I can do that some time soon…The site is up for anyone who wants to post vids, but I guess that easier said than done.

Well am at school part time i have time to work on the site if you need the help cuz Remy is the best but the thing is i dont know how to put vids up cuz my and my friend want to put some up so we could rated on our skills cuz he uses Ryu so yeah …if you need help with the site am here.