Cr.Hp > Ultra in the corner

Do cr.hp > ultra in the corner does not work most of the time. It usually whiffs but, there are some characters it does. Sagat, Gief, Blanka and Rog are who I’ve found this works on. I doubt this is new information but it leads into my questions.

Is there anyone else this works on? If yes, has anyone compiled a list to whom it works on?

credit kekken3

nice list HAV! I see that’s abel chart 2, is there any other ones with useful info?

Wow great chart. Should be stickied if not already.

Cr.hp -> Medium punch CoD, FADC back will always work. Maybe you can cancel the recovery after the second hit of elbow and backdash into Ultra…now that I think of it.

Oh, and it works on anyone (I’m pretty sure).

I’m failing on akuma right now… Seems easier to just cr.hp ultra in the corner if you know the timing.


Okay I’ve been fooling around with corner comboing ultra… and you can get dan and basically everyone with an FADC cr.fp after cr.fp… It’s basically going to take up 4 bars since you can’t really land a cr.fp unless it’s combo’d but it’s cool to watch… I’ll post a vid up. I’m not sure if anyone has done this… but it’s pointless… yet good to know if you’re going to win a match and have 4 bars. lol

Cammy/Rufus/Bison/Gen/Gouken/Vega are still impossible to corner ultra, but if you guys figure it out go for it.

Cammy and Rufus can’t because they can’t juggle

Bison Gen Vega and Gouken can’t because you go under them… However… if some way you have 4 bars and get a cr.fp FADC cr.fp FADC backwards ultra… it’ll work… but I mean… no… hahaha

Vids coming soon.




After further practicing this… it seems that Dictator can be ultrad in the corner. Much like Honda, you have to be STANDING and have basically the perfect frame to ultra them. This way they’re on the corner side of you… I mean this is so strict lol.

Testing out Gen Gouken and Claw now


So to summarize,


c.hp xx fadc xx c.hp(Second hit) xx ultra


c.hp xx fadc xx c.hp (second hit) xx fadc backwards xx ultra


No corner ultra, ever

Everyone else

c.hp xx ultra

Somewhat… You can hit Honda/Dictator/Gen/Gouken without FADC backdash but you have to literally have it frame perfect

I’ll upload a video of the Ehonda ultra mistakes I did. Took me a few but you’ll see what I mean in the videos.

I actually used this in a match… I figured I would never see this, but it’ll happen more then you can believe

For those characters (honda dictator etc…) I would recommend the cr.fp-Cod-FADC-ultra corner combo.

For everyone else the timing window is a lot bigger and less chance for whiff.

I’ve been practicing cr.hp > cod fadc > ultra for 20+ hours…
And now I found out a stable way to do this combo,
just do the qcf motion once after fadc, and the ultra will come out!
The input goes like this:

:d::hp:(cr.hp)…:qcf::p:(cod, hold :r:)…:mp::mk::r:(fadc)…:qcf::3p:(ultra)


this should help out ppl, which is wat forums are all about right? good stuff

:sad: Now I feel the spring of the stick is kinda loose… why nobody told me earlier…:crybaby::confused:


earlier posts are wrong… you can hit everyone in the cast with ultra in the corner after jab CoD FADC dash forward, ultra

what he said.

either corner ( find doing it to my right alot harder than doing it to my left), you are able to catch anyone with c. hp to a timed jap COD FADC into almost instant ultra. it takes time and practice but when you catch someone with it, you’re basically sending a message that you just STUNTED on em ;]

whoa, that’s nuts. is the timing the same for every character?

I just found out to do this combo vs Gouken & Balrog, the timing after FADC sould delay a bit, if not, UC will whiff…
I wanna add note to that the last QCF motion, remember to neutral the stick at the end, then hit PPP, the ultra will come out!!
*And don’t ride the gate!!

:d::hp:(cr.hp)…:qcf::p:(cod, hold :r:)…:mp::mk::r:(fadc)…:qcf:(neutral the stick/ left hand let go):3p:(ultra)

It really isn’t hard to do that combo without doing one more qcf motion (because I suck at doing what you’re saying)

all I see is a launcher into cod-fadc-ultra

I’m not sure if you were talking about me, but I wasn’t talking about that way to land ultra. It’s with cr.hp-fadc-cr.hp.

I stopped using that a LONG time ago when I found out the COD-juggle ultra

Double post*

I’ve made a video of corner ultra during practice against all the characters: