Cr. jab, walk forward a pixel, cr. jab etc

Does anyone know what the inputs are for this? I see people like Keno who do this during games where they have really quick jab pressures and just walk forward a pixel, c.LP, walk forward a pixel, c.LP and do this 4/5 times to get the opponent to walk back or perhaps even mashout srk for a free combo… how do you do this?

I’m going to hazard a guess that it’s down to timing - I’ve tried this on several occasions but Boxer seems to take a slightly larger (and, more importantly, far more punishable) step forward - Closest I’ve gotten to it is by mixing in standing jabs while working forward on hittable crouching characters while moving forward, sometimes using a low one/high/low but obviously thats not the same thing, just seems to make it easier squeezing in more safe distance between each hit while moving forward - Reason being that you don’t need to down/back during it so you can walk/jab while holding forward but obviously that is bad bad bad.

Funnily enough it’s not something I’ve actually practiced, considering how ‘seemingly’ simple a thing this looks.

press jab, and then almost instantanously press forward, then db, then jab again

repeat untill the other person is mindfucked

bear in mind you are walking forward, its not tight so you very well might get DPd out of it, but you should have enough frame advantage to get another jab in at least as a counter hit if they try to mash normals

once i saw vvv scrub doing it i do it too, its exactly how it looks man c.jab, forward db, c.jab, i also do this with zangief. youre tryin to get a reaction, but u gotta be careful if the person ur fighting is a srk masher