super set ups help

What are some set ups for the, sa3 set ups?
I mean i try to do that on opponents wakeups but i always get fucking thrown or some other bullshit! Like is it better to do it after crossup? or on your wake up?
Any one care to share their set ups?

and while am at it i would like to see if anyone can also help me with this–> lp. shoryu>kara shoryu. Is that good to do vs shotos and chicks only?
does it work against say twins or urien or dudley?

there are a bunch of threads on the kara shoryu. I can’t believe I just said that…

anyway one of my favorite short short set ups is meaty strong, crouching or standing, then take a step forward, only one don’t hold forward just tap it, and then start shorting away. the step brings you back into distance for two shorts.

if you’re getting grabbed out of it, start trying to work on making the short meaty, but that’s besides your question.

One of my set ups is meaty strong, cr. or c., doesn’t matter, then after they block or are hit take one step to get in range and immediately short short, if it hits super, if it doesn’t, don’t. If they parried, then you know what happens then.

Your mixup is shit if someone counters something like that EVERYTIME.

if you’re getting wakeup grabbed your missing the meaty timing.

that shit has to be meaty.

alternatively just do low short outside of their grab range.

low forward double shoryu is basically a hit confirmed combo from a jump in or a throw punish. 100% or die.

Just watch your opponent man. low strong dash is a common setup for a mixup. low short sets up a dash mixup.

Watch the opponent figure out what he’s trying to do then set it up. don’t low short him without being reasonably confident on the outcome

empty jump low short sometimes works. but man you gotta train the opponent first.

if you dash grab until he techits and then mix it up with dash low short that’s a solid strat.

doing dash low short when your opponent is trying to downparry is not necessarily the best strat.

it just depends man. Train your opponent, watch what he does.

one of my set ups is cl. strong whether it be standing or crouching, it HAS to be meaty though, then after the push back take a step forward, and immediately short short.

Another one i like, that still requires a meaty attack, is meaty single crouching short, then wait like a half a second and start shorting again. It gives you two more shorts if done right.

air to air jab, then while they’re reseting in the air dash across them and go low short short, it’s a cross up and no one to this day has blocked it when I’ve done it.

those are three of my favorite setups. You don’t have to agree but I suggest you use them. They’re good.

great, thanx for the help. I’ll try all that out Headnshoulders and Callmeanewb.
I didnt know those cr.lks needed to be meaty, but thanx for sharing you’alls set ups.
On the double shoryu… Does it work on everyone?

it doesn’t work on the twins, ibuki, oro, dudley or alex

I forgot the rest of the cast but I know it doesn’t work on them midscreen. In the corner, the only ones I don’t think it works on is oro(?), dudley and alex.