> cr.lp VS. cr.lp > hit confirm, which is better?



In matches people hit confirm with either one but, which is the best to use?

** > cr.lp**

  1. Greater initial range, when confirming
  2. Easiest link
    cr.lp >
  3. Shortest initial range, when confirming
  4. Tight link, jab comes out fast
  5. Faster frame Startup


s.lp > c. lp = best and easiest hit confirm. The s. lp hits most crouching characters, and you get more + frames to do the link into c. lp, or if you feel good, then c. mp.


I prefer c. lp > c. lp for my hit confirm, though depending on my range and how I feel about the situation I’ll throw a third c. lp, but usually only two. C.lp > c. lp is easier to link than c. lk > c. lp, in my opinion.


cr LK, cr LK inflicts more damage, and first hit hits low.

but cr LK has 1 frame slower start up than cr LP, so it depends on the char… against chars with good reversal, i prefer to use cr LP first to avoid string gaps that allow them to reversal (after a landed j LK crossup for example).

also… i am an old fart and have bad reflexex, so , when grounded, in order to hit confirm Rising Jaguar i almost always use a three hits combo.

cr LK, cr LK, cr LK inflicts more damage but it is harder and if your time it badly the hit confirmed Rising Jaguar would only connect one hit (not be cancelable into ultra…).

of course a three hits string on crouched opponents makes RJ to whiff.

i guess it depends on your skill. If you are confident enough, go for the cr LK, cr LK, it hits low and inflicts more damage.


3 hits is really bad because, in my experience, it always whiffs a standing character. Of course you can hit-confirm whether he’s standing or not, but then you’ve basically given up a combo if the guy was crouching.

I generally link the rising jaguar after two crouching shorts. Its one button, so its pretty easy. Just tap the same button three times in the exact same rhythm. It might be better to cancel it off the second short to insure combos on crouchers, I’m not entirely sure.

Also using crouch jab to avoid reversals isn’t going to work because you’re not going to get a perfect blockstring off adon’s light attack normals.

Its kind of funny: since Sagat’s damage got nerfed, adon’s low shorts now do more damage than sagat’s.


I prefer cr.lp, cr.lp. The damage is slightly less, but I find it much easier to link.


If you only learn one, then (xx MK rj) is obviously the better choice. It deals slightly more damage, and it’s only 1 frame tighter. There’s no reason to learn and use anything sub-par when the better combo isn’t that much harder.


If I don’t have to mix in a low (everybody blocks low at jab range anyways), I use c.:lp: to start strings or hit-confirms. Sure, it does less damage and has slightly less range. But it’s also one frame faster than c.:lk: and has less push back (so I can get more jabs in). It’s just a lot easier to use, and thus more reliable.

The only time I start with c.:lk: is when I crouch tech or when I want to actually mix-up lows and overheads.


How does allow you to mix up lows and overheads any better than cr.lp?


Eddosan, you’re losing a % of mixup for not using IMO, I never used to use it and lost to a Blanka in a tourney not too long ago. Not saying that not using was the reason I lost, but it was an influential factor.

Plus it looks nicer. And who doesn’t want to style on hoes given Adon’s S-tier Haircut?


Because c.:lk: can only be blocked low, whereas c.:lp: can be blocked both ways.

I agree, I do lose some kind of mixup. But it’s just the low/overhead mixup, which is mostly useful when I empty jump. People that don’t block low on wake-up are probably not blocking at all, and if that’s the case, I’m better off crossing-up, neutral jumping, fishing for DPs, or backing up and using c.:hk: (depends on who you’re facing, of course).

The main reason I like to start with c.:lp: vs c.:lk: is that c.:lp: is faster and meatier. Meaning that people that hold up will get caught by c.:lp: more often, people with slow reversals will catch me less often, and I get +4 instead of +3 on block if I time the meaty right. So it’s not a huge difference, but it streamlines my ground game more effectively.

However, a huge plus for using c.:lk: on opponent’s wake-up is to use it as an offensive crouch tech. Meaning that if you mistime your meaty normal, you will at least be able to tech grabs at the same time. Again, not a big difference, but it helps against random grabs your opponent might throw out on wakup.

#12 c.lp or c.lp I never use c.lp c.lp, seems kinda pointless with the other confirms…


cr.lp is 3 frames and is 4 frames. has more range but c.lp does more block stun. Your 3 frame normal should ALWAYS be your go to move period. Use to hit people who like to walk back. In the range you would be using as a far normal, just use c.strong instead. It’s 4 frames to and is much better in general.

Basically, c.lp > most moves you would stick out up close.


Wrong thread…


I use then MK jagkick/1 hit rising jaguar/nothing depending of the situation.
Also c.lp if the opponent is closer etc.
You can do so much things after connects or is blocked that it doesn’t matter that much not to have a go to ender.

Other fun stuff:
2 lights into HK JK, then immediately 1 light (stand lk usually) into another HK JK. You can really fuck people’s shit with his strings.

Nope you are underrating alot. And is 5 frames not 4, and doesn’t hit low. Can’t be hitconfirmed into shit either.


Super gross that the page I went to for frame data STARTED out with having as a 4 frame normal. My adon game is changed. I used to use a bit more but not so much now that I found good use for cr.ja. I’ll try to use it more though. as a whiff punisher to any whiffed normal though. Even shoto cr.forward and ken forward The hit box is just so good. And you can cancel it to mk JK and they have to block.