i need help here guys. i only just started using sagat, and while i can just about land his cr. lk x2 into TIGERRR UPPERCUTTTTTT !!! i cant seem to link his cr.lp into TIGERRR UPPERCUTTTTTT !!! i saw on the frame data that this is impossible as cr lp gives u +3 on hit, and TIGERRR UPPERCUTTTTTT !!! starts up in 5frames. i only ask cause i see numerous videos of this link being pulled off. can anyone please help me on how i can link this move, or tips that they use to link it

you don’t link into it, you cancel the cr.lp into TU.

you have to special cancel c.lp.

so you do c.lp, and you do the motion for the tiger uppercut before the recovery frames finish.

You do not Link the cr.lp into TU, you cancel it (like into fireball with shotos), that’s why it’s possible.

Just link the cr.lp after and immediately cancel it into TU. If you’re having trouble canceling a crouching attack quickly into a TU, you can use the shortcut motion: press down forward+cr.lp, down, down forward+HP to cancel a cr.lp xx HP TU

ps: Many people are against using shorcuts, it still helps in the beginning IMO, I know it was a good thing to learn for me until I became comfortable enough to cancel without using the shortcut.

i see, thanks this really helps. thank all of u guys for your input