Cr.lp xx hp.elec


I’m trying to pull off the slide technique to do cr.lp xx hp.elec but im not having much luck, it never comes out.

I go:

cr.lp cr.hp cr.hp

but it never comes out, i can do cr.lp xx lp.elec pretty much all the time and walking elec with this combo is easy for me.

Any tips? I can’t actually piano because i physically dont have a ring finger and pinky finger on my right hand so i need to slide my fingers around my TE stick instead. or maybe some hybrid of slide and piano using two fingers. any tips would be great, thanks! also is cr.lp xx hp elec difficult anyway for someone that does piano or silde?

When you do your method just barely hit the edge of the hp button then back to mp and finish on hp.

I slide lp>mp>hp>3P then press hp really fast.

2 finger method I tried once. Use 2 fingers spread apart and run them over lp mp hp. So they should activate lp mp lp mp hp if you do it right.

My fingers are too old and or slow to do piano fast enough. Wish I could.

thanks buddy, ill give this a try. also, when u mean 2 fingers spread apart do you mean to press 2 buttons at once? can you explain this a bit further?

also its 5 button presses right?

5 button presses, if nothing is coming out you are doing it too slow. just try to do it faster with less control. then reign in control.

Also cr.lp xx elec is literally the worst 2 in 1 into elec, but the easiest because of a combination of input window+no kick button involved. st.lp comes out the fastest and has the most range. does the most damage of any of the light cancels. hits low. hits low and does the most damage.

I slide using my middle finger only, but if I was down 2 fingers, I would probably use my index as it would feel more stabilized. Also you can try sliding lp mp lp mp hp if you want to, I used to have more success like that.

thanks veserius! your always too helpful to a newbie like me =]

The way I do it is to buffer two punch hits before the light punch (Lp), then the two remaining hits to reslult in xx .elect. E.g; Dash ->->Hp, Mp, (land) ->L.p(1st hit), M.p, Hp elec.
To practice: If you get the timing down for the L.p hit in:…, Sb.Mk, Fs.Lp xx Roll. (1frame) combo; …you can use the same timing for the L.p hit in: dash/hop/cross into L.p xx elec / J.Hk, S.Mp, Fs.Lp xx Mp/Ex elec…etc…

I wouldn’t think it would be too hard with your current situ. Middle finger, Pointer, Thumb is the three you need. Backwards piano. :slight_smile:

Timed ‘meaty’, after a {f.throw-> dash-> hop, or lp.roll… pause jump… Option selected elec combo} ‘CrLp’ can hit as meaty as ‘Cr.Lk’, although with less hit stun. So it’s kinda less optimal than Fs.Lp/Cr.Lk xx elec. But buffering with a limited mitt, it may well be that path to some more fun mixups and chances to piss people off online. :slight_smile:

Reiteration: ->-> Hp, Mp, (Post dash or jumping fierce normal hit / L2/3 FA land) Lp(hit), Mp, Hp. Good for intermediate Blanka mixups, but to get ‘das ist ver gud’ go for the Lp, Mp, Hp, Lp, Hp piano or Slide Lp, Mp, Hp, Mp, Hp as you do… but maybe quicker(?), with proper smooth sanwa buttons. Hehe.:slight_smile:

Mashing ‘Meaty’ hits is intuative if you’ve been mashing for years anyway. You can smell it.

the biggest problem with doing things that way is that you are using a crutch and it makes you worse at pulling out elec in general. Sometimes

I don’t like buffering unless I’m buffering the entire electricity, I think it’s just lazy to do so and you limit yourself when you need to do punishes and such.

Too right man. Thing is; I was just up in this cool pub. Highest pub in Ireland. I may have fallen off my mountainbike on the way home. My left leg certainly thinks so. But, that is besides the point. Slow reactions probably. Buffering is cool when you’re 35(plus) years old, gives you the impression you know wtfigo. Ow, spilff pain relief awaits.

  • I have 8month old Hori Ex2 buttons. No recoil, rather like jelly seatbelts.

I haven’t been to a pub in a while, I should get on that.

Get new buttons!

You use 2 fingers to slide the buttons. Keep them the same distance from each other through the whole motion. So middle finger hits lp then mp then index finger hits lp, mp, then hp. This method works but takes a bit longer to get your fingers in position.

thanks for the tips guys, jolthead i culdnt get the 2 finger spacing working but ive found a great alternative, basically all i do is plink lp ~ mp then slide my pointer finger from lp to hp. been working on it. and im also building up speed and a bit of controll with sliding lp mp hp mp hp and its coming out more now. this looks pretty good =D

Cool, I just tried to play around and see what works. Glad it’s working better for you now.

thanks for the tips, its quite wierd, sometimes i can do it 3 in a row, and other times it takes me 10 goes to get it right. this is rather difficult just for a regular special move.

okay sort of making some progress, this is so shetchy lol

cr.lp xx hp.elec on pc is incredibly hard to do, ive been practising for 2 hours and have not pulled it off once? is it supposed to be this difficult? i cant even piano it with my left hand. anyone else having problems on pc?

another hour or two of practise and still haven’t pulled it off. lol im crap as

honestly, and I’ll probably get made fun of for this

I just piano it using both my hands

I use my left index finger and my right index and middle finger and piano it as 1 3 2 1 3

as such I can’t typically keep a charge while I do it, but I see no reason to have one other than to try to frame trap with ultra 1 but that’s not the most reliable gimmick out there since any smart player isn’t hitting buttons after blocking fierce electricity

with this it’s unbelievably easy to pull off, so I’d say at least give a try!

oh and of course without charge I can’t cancel it to super but that’s another thing I don’t think is that necessary, I can usually just blanka ball to super, but really meter is so much more useful for ex than for super

Just tried it using both hands and i’m finding it much easier. Thanks