- frame disadvantages..?



Hey guys, I’ve been on a quest lately to try and use every move and tool cody has and while i found that most of his command normals and normals have great frame advantage for you to keep on the pressure and frame trap city with all day, i saw (long ago, and as most of you my know) that has the biggest frame disadvantage out of his normals. -6 on block and -3 on hit.

Yes, i know that this is when it is right in front of the opponent, so if one spaces it right it wont be as bad. But what i really want to know is, IF cody uses and connects (either hit or block) with it at the end of the hit and active frame, will cody be left at a positive or negative frame? I mean, even if it will be better than -6 and -3 when spaced right, it’s still bad to use if it leaves you at negative right?

tl;dr: what exactly is the frame after cody hits, or makes them block, with his at the furthest possible distance? Is it possible to keep on the pressure with it if spaced right?


this is what I came up with:
add the “active frames (-1 because you’ve to hit with at least 1 frame)” to the “frame advantage” and you have the outcome. this way you can check up any meaty or distanced move. for that reason, you can also see that lk ruffian can be safe on block. active frames: 7, means 6 is the farest reach while it still hits.
frame advantage: -6 and -3

-6 + 6 and -3 + 6
so can be in the best possible case at 0 on block and +3 on hit.


ahh thank you very much. I feel stupid for posting a thread about something that i could have done myself if i actually bothered to use my brain >.<

thanks again!


Im a starting out cody player and im having alot off problems with cody.

his antiairs consists of trading shots in the opp favor.

his backdash is a backstep.

can someone say freeeeeeeee on wakeup.

omg the slowness.

sooo much startup on his specials.

For some reason shoto´s are pick up and play but cody is a bit lackluster
but i still want to play with him.

any tips?


wait, did you just pick an old thread to post totaly unrelevant stuff in it? xD