into combo?

I was playing a match with Chun against an Akuma in SSF4:AE, and during the match I did a into that became a 2 hit combo.
I’ve never seen that before, so I checked the replay and it says that the first hit was a counter hit. So I went into Training mode, selected Akuma as the training dummy with the same outfit as the other player had when I did the combo, set Counter Hit to On, and tried to do the combo again, but so far I’m unable to do it again.

So I was wondering if anyone can tell me how that combo works? Or is it some kind of glitch?

maybe the spacing and if it was a meaty counte hit I think I ran into this before myself, its kinda similar to cr. jab into sweep there is a very wierd yet strict timing on it

Yeah, I’m not sure if the spacing matters, but it wasn’t a meaty.

It was done after a blocked, around 54 seconds on the timer.
Sorry for the bad quality. is +3, +6 with CH, so in order to link a (7f start up) you need to do the meaty or hit with the last active frames, pretty much like when doing st.lp 2nd active frame links…

Hmm, but if it’s +6 on CH, and has a 7fr startup, wouldn’t it be on -1 by the time the hits?

like i said in order to link a from a you need to hit on the 2nd or 3rd active frame of the, if you managed to do that then your frame advantage is +7/+8 in CH or +4/+5 in “normal circuntances”

I see. I thought you meant that it was +6 at the last active frame.
What can I do to make the hit on the last active frame though? I’ve tried at different ranges, having the training dummy stand still and auto block, or walk forward or back, but I haven’t been able to get it to work yet.

Its normally a very specific range and timing, like other active frame links for eample her far standing jab into cr.RH you’ll have to experiment and find a set up that lets it work timing wise. I wouldn’t invest too much time in it its nice (like getting her far to combo from a jab but in general play its not practical.

Well on counter hit I can get jab to combo into both or quite often. But I’ve been trying to do into for probably half an hour without any success.

I can see pretty clearly in that vid that you hit it on a later active frame. You did it pretty far away from him after the blocked st. mp and had he not pressed anything it most likely wouldn’t have connected at all (even for blockstun). What he did was extend his hurtbox by pressing something and ran into your cr. mk later while it was still active granting you +7/+8. This is something the normal counterhit setting in training mode doesn’t take into account, but you can replicate the situation by recording either Chun Li attacking you in that pattern or the opponent sticking something out into your cr. mk (for a more legit, spaced counterhit).

Those later active frame jab into sweep spacing tricks people are talking about are usually due to the opponents hit-reel animation causing the first active frame to whiff from a certain distance (but not the 2nd active frame).

Another move I’ve been playing around with for active frames is cr. mp. It’s listed as 0 frame advantage on hit, HOWEVER when used as a spacing tool (something the opponent’s gonna walk into or stick out a normal with a worse hitbox) or used as an anti air, it almost never connects on the 1st active frame (it has 5), meaning 9 times out of 10 you can link it into the mk version of super (that’s right… an anti-air super!). I’ve been doing this for a few days now and it works like a charm

Yes, it has to be counter hit AND hit on the second active frame. Normals do not normally hit on the second active frame, and most setups which involve this will not be counter hits, as such this would require a bit of effort to set up even for a combo video, so there’s no point trying to practice with the intent of landing it intentionally in a real match.

If you want to combo things off of counter hit, practice far.fierce, cr.lp-far.fierce,>ex legs or>ex legs.

that’s some interesting stuff! but the 1 time out of 10 will more likely than not cost you the game…

Don’t counter hits add more hit stun? A meaty could have helped that combo happen too.

It’s a combination of meaty and additional hitstun from a counterhit. Otherwise that combo won’t happen. It’s extremely situational.

I disagree. I actually did a cr. lp x 4 into roundhouse and it all counted as a 5 hit combo. it is very doable…just very strict timing. I will upload a video later.

Its possible yeah but its impractical, 2nd active frame hits into sweep are not something to be relied upon, its doable but not practical, your better off just getting hard knckdowns from cr.fierce xx Legs, sweep.

Not really comparable though, Wii. He’s talking about getting an untechable knockdown off the back of a jab/short, whereas the combo you’ve mentioned starts off with cr.fierce.

then do it

I want a video tutorial! This would be a great weapon to have when mid screen poking. I saw Lud do a c.MP > c.HK, is that easier to do?

Here is the video with Lud doing it @6:23:

he did land the c.MP as a counter hit, I don’t think he was planning on it giving him a combo, but it sure did.

it wasn´t into, is just CH cr.lp into